Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 05.25.2020 Update – Things Dispensaries are Doing Correctly

It’s been quite a while since I wrote an industry update. This has mainly been due to the COVID-19 pandemic: ever since we all began focusing much of our energy on dealing with this crisis, I’ve focused most of my content on writing reviews and building our new T7 Series.

However, the Florida medical cannabis industry has still thrived while most all other businesses have suffered major losses during the pandemic. Cannabis is as much in demand now as it ever was – maybe more (and my medicine cabinet right now is a testament to that.)

For most of the more recent updates, I’ve given an overview of every MMTC and the current overall quality of their flower, as well as anything noteworthy that may involve those particular MMTCs.

This time, however, I’m going to change the pace a little bit. For this update, I’m going to highlight some of the things I see various dispensaries doing, that I think should be industry standards across the board.

Requiring Employees to Wear Masks; Curbside Pickup, Social Distancing

The pandemic is obviously still a large part of many of our lives (unless you’re one of the ones who chooses to pretend like it isn’t happening), so this first cluster of positive practices will focus on mitigating the pandemic and slowing the spread of COVID-19.

With the masks, it has been hit or miss in my experience. I have tried to only use curbside pickup. I commend GrowHealthy and VidaCann, as it seems every employee I’ve interacted with has had a mask on.

Face coverings are crucial to stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. If we’re going to open our stores to the public, at least the employees should be wearing masks. There’s really no good reason not to.

I understand that some stores’ volumes and/or parking situations may not make curbside pickup feasible, but this is an excellent way to get medicine during these times. I love it, and wish everyone had it. I’m much more likely to shop at a store if it has curbside pickup. Some of my local dispensaries that offer it include GrowHealthy, VidaCann, and Fluent.

Finally, if not able to offer curbside pickup, social distancing needs to be in place and truly enforced. There should not be crowds; unfortunately, I’ve seen posts on social media that indicate some dispensaries are not following with this. This, if true, is irresponsible and unacceptable.

I commend all the MMTCs and individual dispensary locations that are doing their part to protect themselves, and all of us.

Offering Lower Price Tier Options

Getting off the subject of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is something I’ve seen MMTCs start doing within the past year: offering lower tier price options.

Examples of this include the various forms of small buds: Minis, Littles, Breakaways, Smalls, Popcorn – whatever you want to call it. Another one is the shake/trim/”ground flower”. I commend (mostly) all of the MMTCs for offering some of these options, as it helps make the cannabis medicine more accessible for all – something that has always been of major importance to me.

I think we need to continue to see a trend in this direction, especially if the MMTC in question is going to offer “premium” options that cost more than $50/eighth – which is what I think should be the maximum cost for flower, personally.

Free or Low-Cost Delivery

Expanding on accessibility, this is another important service that I feel MMTCs need to focus on expanding and making less cost-prohibitive over the next year. Even without a pandemic, there are patients who are not able to get to the stores. They matter too, and shouldn’t have to pay high premiums (delivery fees) just to be able to get their medicine.

Offering More Forms of Medication, Making Flower Widely Available

I’ve seen much improvement in these areas since I became a patient in August 2018, and since smokable flower was legalized in March 2019. When I joined the registry, there were distillate syringes, vape carts, tinctures, capsules, and flower cups – and that was pretty much it.

Now there seems to be a plethora of options, including shatter, crumble, rosin, terp sauce, THCa “snow”, wax, and even “edibles” in the form of mints from Curaleaf. I have to recognize Trulieve and MUV for leading the way in this area; these two MMTCs currently have the widest variety of product options in Florida.

The second aspect of this is flower availability. This has massively improved from this time last year. I remember what seemed like weeks on end in Summer 2019, where seemingly nobody had any flower in stock. Whenever small shipments did come through (often only once a week), they were gone in hours.

Now, I can find flower at any of the several MMTCs in my area, and most of them have multiple strains in stock. Conditions are so much better than they used to be, but we still have a long way to go. We need to get to a point where every MMTC offers common medicinal strains like Sour Diesel or GDP, and has them all in stock at any given time. I believe we will see that become a reality within a couple of years.

Allowing All Discounts to Apply to Flower

Finally, some of the MMTCs are allowing their periodic discounts to apply to flower.

I’ll keep this short: I understand the need for these MMTCs (which are businesses at the end of the day) to profit, but can we please stop treating flower like it’s gold, or “ooooo, can’t have this!

The MMTCs know a lot of us prefer flower, and so I see the need to encourage sales of other product modalities. But at least offer us something on flower – you’ll still see a profit.

Display Jars for Flower – Letting Patients See Flower Before Purchase

I think this is a hugely important one. I’ve seen MUV and Medmen doing this in my local area: putting the available strains inside the budtender display jars, which also have a port where patients can smell the flower as well (though I don’t know how risky that aspect is during the pandemic.)

This should be an industry standard, especially since no MMTCs offer one gram or other small quantities of flower. If we’re dropping $30-60 for an eighth, we should be able to see it and smell it before we buy it. I know that my favorite strains are almost always determined by the terpenes – the way they smell. I’d have a lot better experiences (and be more likely to come back and shop more) if I was always able to inspect a strain before buying it.

On that note, I think every MMTC needs to move to offering a one gram quantity of their flower strains. We all want to sample as many strains as possible, and there’s more profit in selling it by the gram for the MMTC. To be clear: both eighths and grams should be offered as a standard. Ounces should be offered in bulk pricing as well, but I know we must take baby steps. I’d prefer to see grams offered first, personally.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve seen a lot of progress in Florida’s cannabis industry in the past 2 years, and amazingly, it continues to gain momentum with a global pandemic raging on around it. I have full confidence that the industry will continue to grow and become better and better for all involved – especially when edibles are able to be offered (whenever that happens; I’m not holding my breath anymore.)

The practices listed above are good for the patient and the business alike, and should be adopted by all MMTCs as a uniform industry standard, especially those regarding to safety during COVID-19.

What things do you see that you think should become standard practice for all MMTCs? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: T7|03: Favorite Strains – 05.23.2020

This is a question I seem to be getting more often as time goes on. I’ll be writing a review and mention that the strain is “one of my favorite indicas/sativas” (or something similar), and then some of you will be curious as to what other strains are on that list.

The “list” is ever-changing and has never been manifested in any “physical” form until now. I have tried enough strains that I think it’s time for me to share some of my favorites, with a quick blurb on why I enjoy that strain so much.

Since this is the third installment of the T7 series, I’ll list my Top 3 favorite flower strains in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica categories. I’ll revisit this list once it’s been significantly changed, which I’m sure will happen as Florida’s medical cannabis industry continues to grow.


Cannabis Product & Strain: Fluent “Aria” (AK-47) Flower and MUV Guru Flower

Note: I haven’t yet been able to try any products from the following MMTCs: RiSE, One Plant, Harvest, Colombia Care, and The Botanist.

Top 3 Sativa Strains

(In no particular order)

1.) VidaCann & Tikun Olam: Alaska

I have always enjoyed the Alaska vape cart, and was even more impressed with it in flower form.

Tikun Olam is an Israeli company with multiple decades of experience and research into their genetics and how they interact with various medical conditions.

Alaska is hands down the best strain I have found for treating my depression. Its ability to shift mindset (without inducing paranoia or anxiety) is extremely useful in snapping out of the negative thought patterns that depression and other similar conditions can cause.

Beyond that, the smell and taste of the flower exceeded my expectations – skunky and citrusy, with pine and other terpenes as well. Very well-rounded sativa, and VidaCann grew it well, allowing it to fully mature and cure with patience. This made all the difference in the quality of the effects, and should be the industry standard.

2.) GrowHealthy: Jilly Bean

This strain took me by surprise, and I actually passed over it for a few weeks before finally settling on an eighth of it. I was taken aback by the strong candy citrus smell that seemed to be heavy in terpinolene, but what really made me a huge fan of this strain was its effects. This is one of the “happiest”, most peaceful sativa strains I’ve found.

GrowHealthy also grew it to perfection, as you can see in the image above.

3.) Fluent: “Subra” (Sour Diesel)

I’m a huge Sour Diesel fan: it’s like the espresso of sativa strains, and I love it for the energy and motivation it gives me. Fluent seems to have a really good cut of this strain, and when I got it, it smelt exactly like gasoline when it was ground up. The only issue was that it wasn’t very strong-smelling out of the jar, and I feel that Sour Diesel should be.

If Fluent can consistently maximize the genetics they have, I think they have one of the best cuts of Sour Diesel in Florida.

Top 3 Hybrid Strains

1.) Trulieve: Paradise Waits

When Trulieve first released this strain’s flower form in early fall 2019, it was the best flower I’d tried up to that point. At a high 27.8% THC coupled with over 3% terpenes, the effects were potent.

I found Paradise Waits to be one of the most powerful, but still relaxing hybrids that I’ve tried. It had a really invigorating cerebral quality to it, but enough warm-body relaxation that anxiety didn’t seem to be an issue.

The smell was really nice and unique as well. I remember there being strong citrus, pine, and an almost creamy hash smell as well. Great strain.

2.) VidaCann: I95 x Lemon G13

This was another strain that really impressed me after initially trying it on a whim. If you buy it, prepare for strong Lemon Diesel and funky smells, with excellent balanced hybrid effects that seem to slightly lean toward the sativa end of the spectrum.

I campaigned for this strain to be renamed “Lemon I95”, but… we’ll say I’m still waiting to hear back on that one.

In all seriousness, this is one of VidaCann’s best balanced hybrid strains, in my opinion, though it seems to be a more “rare” strain of theirs – at least in flower form. If you like Lemon and/or Gas strains, grab this one if you see it.

3.) MUV: Strawberry Cough

This is one of my favorite Strawberry strains in Florida. It smells just like a Strawberry Creme Saver candy to me, and the effects are mellow – great for relaxing and watching TV or playing video games, etc.

The genetics make for a really pretty flower, too. It’s like a more toned-down version of their Guru strain.

Top 3 Indica Strains

1.) GrowHealthy: Wookie Girl

This strain is about as close to perfection as I have found in Florida. The smell, the taste, the effects, the way which GrowHealthy grows it – everything is maxed out on this one. This is a very relaxing indica that isn’t too sedating. What keeps me coming back to it is the amazing taste – there’s nothing like it that I’ve found in Florida – yet.

It’s currently my #1 overall strain, a “desert island” type strain that I would be happy with if it were all I could smoke.

Based on what I’m seeing across social media, many other Floridians agree.

2.) MUV: Guru (Full Review Coming Soon!)

This is another popular indica for many people, though I do see a lot more divide in the like/dislike for this strain.

With a pungent and bitter skunky grapefruit citrus aroma, Guru seems to draw the most “controversy” in its smell and taste. I personally love it; it reminds me a lot of Vidacann’s I95 x Lemon G13 from earlier in this list – but with grapefruit instead of lemon.

The effects remind me a lot of Wookie Girl, sealing Guru’s position on this list. I do find Guru to be more sedating than Wookie Girl, and tend to end up falling asleep if I smoke too much of it.

3.) MUV: Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a classic Florida strain, and I really enjoyed MUV’s version of it. This was one of my favorite Skunk-type strains, with a taste and aroma that kept me coming back for more.

I seem to prefer the “relaxing but not too sedating” indicas the best – in part because if I smoke enough of almost any “indica” strain, I will feel sleepy. I enjoy having something I can relax with, but still remain functional. Triangle Kush is a perfect example of one of those strains.

It looks like some other brands are coming out with their versions of Triangle Kush, so I’ll definitely be trying those when they become available in my area. We’ll see if they’re able to replace this version on the next list – or maybe an entirely different strain will.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve tried a lot of strains in my almost 2 years as a medical cannabis patient in Florida. A lot of them are noteworthy, and could easily have been on this list as well if I had chosen to make it longer – it was tough narrowing it down too these 9 strains.

As I try more MMTCs, products, and strains, I expect this list to change every few months. I’ll be sure to create future installments of it, so be sure to subscribe to this website’s email list to stay tuned to the latest updates coming from the Collective.

I hope this answers some of your questions about my favorite strains, and hope it made for an interesting read.

What are some of your favorite strains in Florida? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective – T7|02: Humanity’s Three Biggest Character Flaws

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you all! Hope that this post finds you well and in good health & spirits as we deal with another month of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All this time in isolation has given me ample time to reflect on many things – deep thoughts involving myself, my trajectory – and involving humanity and its trajectory.

I acknowledge that I am far from perfect, and that I have much to learn in my own journey in life. We all do. But over the past decade (and then some), I’ve watched humanity, and often felt more like an alien in human skin than a part of the society I’ve seen evolving in the 21st century. The worst isolation I feel in 2020 is not the physical isolation that has become necessary during the pandemic; instead, the most painful form of isolation is the mental and spiritual isolation as I watch humanity seem to make the “wrong” choices over and over again.

Of course, there are many good people out there. I know that many of you readings this are good people, and may feel similar to the way I do. My goal is always to spread positivity and construction in the world. We are all human; we all were thrown into this reality without any real knowledge of its nature or reasoning, so in the end, we are all each other truly has.

I think that I need/want to write and subsequently read this article as much as any of you do – we have to have these conversations. Action often starts with discussion, and the more that we are collective aware of ways we can improve as a people, the more likely we are to take action to actually manifesting that.

A major goal I have with my life is to make this world a better place (for all people) than it was when I came into it. Whichever medium ultimately helps me achieve that is not as important as getting the work done; this website is dedicated to medical cannabis because that is the way I am currently able to help others the most, and what a wonderful thing that is – but the end goal is much bigger, and this article is a piece of that, I suppose.

I’ve rambled enough – here are some of the biggest issues I see with humanity as a collective entity, and some ideas as to how we might be able to improve in those areas.


Cannabis Product & Strain: GrowHealthy Grape Stomper Flower

Narcissism, Selfishness, and Lack of Empathy

I’m grouping these together because they all relate to one another, and often go hand-in-hand.

American culture in 2020 revolves around “me, me, me”: how can I get what’s best for me, before anyone else takes that away from me.

I think social media may have exacerbated this issue, and though I don’t think social media in itself is an inherently bad thing, it does allow us to magnify both the best and worst parts of ourselves, so it is what it is. The “selfie culture” is a good example of it; again, nothing wrong with appreciating oneself – all things in moderation.

Regardless, we seem to have reached a point where the majority of people choose to disregard others. We see it in the decisions people make every day. Littering is an example: a prevalent problem that results from a total lack of regard for the planet or for others who will come to the area afterward – this is just one example.

Voting for leaders who lead from hatred because it puts more money in our bank accounts, or 401k, is another example. Thinking about only ourselves, not realizing that these leaders incite hatred on a massive scale, and promote policies that lock living human beings in cages – all for what? The fact that that person/family wanted to get away from oppressive living conditions and have a better quality of life? Let’s forget about “legality” (a manmade concept) and think about the core essence of the situation here: We are locking other human beings in cages because they didn’t do exactly what the rich and powerful decided were the “right” way to enter “our” land. We need to see the problem with that, and while I think we need some rule of law in this world (that’s another topic), it shouldn’t make it so hard to have a good life that a person feels the need to enter illegally in the first place.

I digress; the point is that we as a society have lost our empathy for other people. Any time we make or support a decision that oppresses another human being for any reason – a decision or policy that makes it harder for them to enjoy the same quality of life that we want for ourselves – we are making a decision with a lack of empathy.

Human beings should be able to live and let live so long as their decisions and actions do not harm one another or the planet: this has been my core philosophy as an adult, and I think it’s a good one. Why should we care if a gay man or woman wants to get married or have children? Why should we care how someone worships, or if a Black jogger comes through our “rich white community”? As long as they aren’t hurting anybody or the environment, why should we care?

We as a society need to start incorporating the well-being of other people and the planet Earth in our decisions and policies. I’m not saying to be a pushover – but find balance. There’s always a “greater good”.

We need to think more about “the whole” more often.

Materialism, Worship of Money, Lack of Spirituality

The first thing I want to ask is that the reader notice my use of the word “spirituality” rather than “religion”. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

As a society, much of humanity worships money and the mundane in some way. I think income inequality, greed, corruption, and a host of other factors play into this. The end result is a growing income gap, homelessness – you know the rest.

We worship worldly things too much, and we get lost in them. We keep thinking about that next job, that next car, that next house, that next thing. We forget the whole point of life in the process – to learn, to love, to grow, to build, to share, to explore, to live,

American society makes this all to easy. We slave away to jobs for most of our week, and then we spend 48 hours recuperating – some aren’t even that lucky. And while I think working and contributing to society is absolutely essential, I think it’s just a piece of the puzzle. We’ve got to make time for all the rest of life.

Depression and anxiety are at all-time highs, and I blame our society for this. I blame the world and the worldly for this. I think if we somehow eliminated the current structure of 1% of the people owning 99% of the wealth (yeah, I know..), gave everyone a true equal opportunity to succeed, and moved work weeks to 20 or even 25-30 hours a week, you would see a huge reduction in the prevalence of mental illness. People are forgetting how to live – or not being allowed the opportunity to!

So how do we find solace in the meantime? Almost counter-intuitively to the first section in this article, we focus on ourselves – on our spirituality. Again, notice I chose this word instead of religion.

I won’t get into the religious debate too much, but I will say that I believe any man who says he knows the nature of this universe for certain, is arrogant. How could we possibly tell someone their idea of “God”, “Allah”, etc. – is wrong? If we look into it, almost every religion has good things to offer – and some questionable content.

But spirituality – that is something we all can grow in together. The religion someone chooses doesn’t matter much to me; they are all vehicles to spiritual growth and development. Some even choose science and call themselves agnostic or atheist, but they still know deep down that there is more to life and “reality”, and that there is a level of understanding further than what we perceive.

I think if we all focused more on finding our way for spiritual development, and practiced it, we would see a more loving society. To have that, though, we must be tolerant of others’ beliefs – which are almost always going to be slightly different than our own, even within the same religions.

To bring this all together: we as a People need to focus less on the worldly aspects of life, and more on the Bigger Picture. Whichever vehicle you choose to get there, pick one – and enjoy the ride and all the joy it brings.

Partisanship, Division

One could argue that this is the biggest problem in America right now, in 2020. Partisanship and vision are absolutely rampant in our society, to the point that a damn global pandemic of all things, was politicized.

This is dangerous, and it has torn our country apart. Whatever “side” you choose, you have to admit a truth you know deep down: we are living in different worlds, and so many of us consider our fellow Americans to be the “enemy” in some way. Comment on a social media post with any sort of opposing idea, and rather than being met with discussion, chances are you’ll be met with anger or name-calling from the “opposing side”.

I hate the two-party system we have in American politics. It has caused people to lazily vote for whoever is on their “team” or become single-issue voters rather than actually look at people for their merits. And of the people we do get into office, going back to the materialism problem, they often get bought off and otherwise compromised from truly carrying out the will of the people.

Everything is political now, and it is ridiculous. If not with politics, Americans find some other way to be divided – be it race, class, religion – you name it, people find a way to divide. Perhaps it’s in human nature to form factions, but when it prevents us from truly moving forward as a People, then we have a real problem. When it prevents us from loving our neighbor, we have a real problem.

A people divided will surely fall, and we have played into that plan almost willingly. We need to stop thinking about things like “red or blue”, “black or white”, “gay or straight”, and start seeing people as human beings, as souls who are cohabiting this reality with us. We all have that in common, and we would all be so much better off if we found a way to work together and get past our differences.

Partisanship has gotten to the point where even speaking up for the right thing gets you a label – even if you identify somewhere in the center. We have created a breeding ground for evil and malice to run rampant, for fear and anger to lead us rather than love and hope, and it shows. America is slipping in many ways, and we can only become “great” again if we unite as a people and move forward, instead of trying to recreate a false sense of perfection from a bygone era. The reality is that America has never been truly “great” for everyone, but we have made giant strides together, and we can do so much more if we look past our imaginary dividing lines and find a way to work together in the name of love, justice, and righteousness.

I encourage all of my readers to analyze yourselves and ask yourself this question: “What is causing me to look at any other human being as an “enemy” instead of a fellow soul inhabiting this reality together with me?”
If you can honestly answer “nothing”, than you are ready to build and grow with others, and should help as many people as possible to reach the understanding that you have.

We have to find a way to make it our subconscious predisposition to look for commonalities in our fellow humans, rather than all the ways we are different – unless that is done with a loving perspective with intentions to learn and understand. It is time to stop fighting each other, and time to start helping each other get on our feet and make the best of our lives – together.

Closing Thoughts

Though times may certainly seem gloomy or hopeless for so many during this pandemic, we must remember that we are a resilient people. We have overcome much worse: other pandemics, slavery, civil wars, world wars, and so much more. We can overcome the issues that prevent our growth in 2020, and make the world a better place for ourselves and all those who will come after us. It may be easy to lose hope right now, but we simply can’t – our ancestors fought for hope, and we must do the same for our descendents.

The world can be a better place; the world will be a better place. I believe it. The revolution starts within ourselves – and I have faith in you, the reader. We are all uniquely beautiful, and have something that we can use to make our lives – and the lives of others – truly better.

Never forget that we are all one; we are connected, and our “whole” is much greater than the sum of its parts. We are better, we are greater, when we are together – and we can get there – together.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective – T7|01: Medical Cannabis and Home Isolation

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all who are reading this. As many of my readers know, I have now joined the millions of Americans who have been furloughed or laid off in the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that I have found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. Staying busy is a key component to maintaining my mental health, so I’ve been looking for ways to be more active with this site, even as I am temporarily unable to spend quite as much on new cannabis products to review.

This Monday morning as I showered (where some of the greatest ideas often come to us – right?), I thought of the T7 series concept. That will be a new focal point for this site going forward. T7 is a play on alliteration – “Take The Time To Toke Things Through.” We’re taking the time to think things through, but with medical cannabis involved. I invite all of you who are reading to join me in a short time of meditation and reflection as you read along.

I went ahead and checked to ensure I wasn’t stealing someone else’s concept.

*Screenshot taken at time of writing*

The idea behind the series is pretty simple. This will be more of a traditional blog-style series of posts that will complement the other content on this site. None of that content (reviews, industry updates, etc.) will stop, though the reviews may come a little bit slower for a month or two.

Each T7 “episode” will focus on a variety of topics, some of which will be cannabis-related, and some of which will be focused on more broad topics. I’ll go with the flow to an extent, but my intention is to keep every episode focused on a topic that is at least somewhat relevant to you all. I’ll also include a YouTube link to the YouTube radio station I’m listening to while writing; you can play the music in-page as you read along if you’re on a desktop or laptop, and possibly tablet. Finally, I’ll include the product and strain that I’m medicating with as I write – a little “extra” for those of you who are interested.

The first episode will focus on something that is so real and so relevant to a lot of us right now, and that’s maintaining your full health (physical, mental, and spiritual) during a pandemic that has caused millions of us to isolate ourselves at home. Since depression and anxiety were prevalent in so many of us before a respiratory virus pandemic was thrown into the equation, it becomes perhaps even more challenging to maintain our full health.

I’ll share what I am doing personally to cope. Since I was furloughed from my job last week, my wife and I have been isolated at home for a few days together now. We’re doing well so far. This post does not intend to suggest that my choices or decisions are superior or the “right” way, but are here to help and give all of you a sense of community during this challenging time.

Medical Cannabis and Home Isolation


Cannabis Product & Strain: Growhealthy 99 Problems Flower (Review coming soon!)

Maintaining Physical Health

3 Reasons To Add Weed To Your Gym Workout
Image courtesy and property of Cannabis.net

I’ll start here, as this is one of the more “rooted” areas that we can all work on.

For me personally, I see multiple components to this. There’s obviously the virus that’s out there, and we want to avoid catching that and/or spreading it. If you’re essential workforce, hopefully working from home is an option for you. If not, then trying to maintain as much distance from others as possible is extremely important. Washing hands often (with warm, soapy water) and avoiding touching the face are equally paramount to preventing infection. Do everything you can to follow the CDC and WHO guidelines. Face coverings are optional, but I am a fan: they prevent spread, and we can’t say that they don’t at least provide some protection from viral droplets in the air.

For those of us who are at home, staying at home as much as possible is what I see as the best, most obvious way to combat spread of the virus. Grocery store and pharmacy trips should be eliminated in favor of delivery if possible; we have Publix deliver our groceries as needed. If you must go inside the store, try to go in the early morning or other times when there are less people out and about. Everything factors your chances for catching this virus. Remember that, and implement it into your plans and actions. Choose awareness over fear.

Since we are now unable to access our usual public gym, my wife and I have made it a point to do something active every day. This is extremely important as a foundation for good mental and spiritual health for us. Since I can’t lift weights as much or use machines at all, I’ve been using some 10 and 20 pound dumbbells for exercises at home, as much as is possible. I’ve accepted that these workouts won’t be quite the same intensity, but they will allow me to stay healthy and fit until we return to “normal” once the virus has been mostly or completely defeated.

Going for walks is important too, as I feel the natural Vitamin D from the sun is a key component to maintaining a good mental state and outlook on life in general. We take walks through nearby neighborhoods and are sure to keep plenty of distance between us and any others who are outdoors. This always seems to be somewhat of a “reset” for me, as I find it easier to achieve a meditative and mindful state while walking. I usually carry my vape pens with me for these walks, and enjoy a puff or two when nobody else is around.

Healthy sleeping and eating habits are essential to overall health, so we are sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night – it’s what works best for us, personally. We keep the same schedule as if we still had our jobs. I work on the site and do productive activities during what would normally be my work hours; this seems to help me retain some sense of normalcy. We make sure we are getting enough key nutrients, eating healthy foods as much as possible, and taking multivitamins every 2-3 days to supplement any gaps in nutrition.

Doing all of these things on a daily basis was really part of our routine before the pandemic, with the exception of how we get our exercise. I feel that the more we all do this, the better we will find our overall health to me.

Maintaining Mental Health

Let's get thinking about industrial hemp cannabis – JaySelthofner.com
Image courtesy of jayselthofner.com

Equally important to physical and spiritual health, our mental health is often what poses a challenge for medical cannabis patients. So many of us (myself included) are medicating for PTSD, depression, and anxiety – even ADD and ADHD for some of us. We do our best to stay happy and motivated on a day to day basis. Now a pandemic has been thrown into the equation, and many of us hypochondriacs (again, myself included) are suddenly highly anxious all the time. I have seasonal allergies and allergic asthma. Now is not a great time to experience the symptoms of seasonal allergies!

I say all this for one reason: I get it. I feel the same anxiety that so many of you are feeling. And on top of worries about the virus itself, and what it can do to us and our loved ones, there’s the economic impacts. Millions of us lost our jobs in the past month, so we have to sign up for unemployment. But the unemployment website was already broken by design, and now it’s overloaded, so we’re unsure if we’ll be getting a paycheck in two weeks. There is so much to think about, and it’s really tough for a lot of us to deal with the reality of life right now. So how do we maintain our sanity in a trying time?

The good thing for us is that we have our medication, and like all other things, I believe maintaining a healthy balance and moderation is key to the best outcome. It may be tempting to smoke twice as much as we normally do, especially when we’re at home and bored. For me, I’m doing my best to medicate as I did when I was working. It keeps my tolerance in check, it keeps my supply within levels that won’t induce my anxiety of running out of medicine, and it is another way I am able to retain some sense of normalcy. Definitely medicate to alleviate your symptoms; that’s exactly why we have it. Just remember not to get lost in the sauce.

Other than that, a more universal thing we’ve been practicing is to stay occupied. It doesn’t really matter what it is, so long as it isn’t harmful. If you’ve still got your job, this is much easier. But if you’re like us and isolated at home, it can be more challenging to fill up our days. Ultimately, do what you love and wish you had more time to do when you were working. Invest some time into your hobbies, creativity, whatever you enjoy. Play video games, binge watch those series you wanted to see, make a marathon of your favorite movie series. Just don’t forget to keep up your physical health and exercise, as we discussed in the last section!

Talking to friends and family is important too, so reach out to them however you can. Call them, text them, Facetime them, message them, tweet them – you get the picture. Many of us are staying away from elderly and immunocompromised friends and relatives due to the virus, but maintaining some form of human contact is really important for our mental health.

And as hard as it may be, try not to think too much about the virus. This is a hard one for me; I love to read scholarly articles and studies and absorb as much information as I can about this novel coronavirus. It is frightening and fascinating, and that is a bad combination for me. I find that I am happier and less anxious when I am able to stay away from the news about the virus. While I do think everyone should stay updated on the latest guidance and remain aware of what is going on, the line should be drawn at obsession – which I have learned the hard way.

Doing all these things has been helpful to keeping my mental health in check, which has a feedback loop in that it supplements keeping my physical and spiritual health in check as well.

Maintaining Spiritual Health

Cannabis and Spirituality: A Smoking Exercise! – natural budz
Image courtesy of naturalbudz.com

This is a more subjective topic, as everyone has a different interpretation of spirituality. Some are religious, some aren’t, etc.

Personally, I am open-minded and believe that many religions and schools of thought hold value. Whatever gives you a foundation to thrive and find meaning is the right choice for you. One of my main mantras for life has always been “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or the planet, let each person do as they wish.”

I say this to preface this section. I will offer limited guidance here, because it’s not my place to tell anyone what to believe. But we must acknowledge spiritual health and morale as a separate, equally important component of overall health. How do we universally keep this area healthy during this time?

Meditation and prayer (often combined) are my tools of choice for maintaining my spirituality. I want what is best for the greater good. I want to see others thrive. Like the other areas of our health, it can be more challenging to maintain a positive morale when there is so much going on. I feel that meditation is a universal tool that anyone, regardless of their beliefs, can use to their benefit. You likely have the time, so do some google searches. There are thousands of ways to do it, and every one of them could be the right answer for you; a high percentage of the tools you find will be beneficial to you in some way.

If you are religious, maintaining normalcy can come in the form of attending virtual church services, or spending more time reading and studying your texts of choice. Do what you can to feel “at home”, and use this time to your advantage. We should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and so often, the “working world” can hold us back from investing the time that is needed. If you’re able, take advantage of this time as a chance to develop your spirituality and morale. You may (and likely will) find yourself better off after the pandemic is over, than you were before it.

Closing Thoughts

This is a tough time for millions upon millions of people across the planet. You are not alone; we are not alone. We are all in this together. Take comfort in knowing that.

I firmly believe that we will emerge from this pandemic as a stronger, more united race of people – if we all take advantage of this “pause” in the fast pace of our world. Think about the big picture; think about the meaning of it all. Do what you can to maximize the opportunity of all this extra time. After all, time is our most valuable asset —

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 01.16.2020 – Industry Update, MMTC/Flower Overview

It’s been just over 2 months, and an entirely different decade since our last industry overview. The industry has again picked up some momentum in its development, and all Florida MMTCs now offer a flower product. At the time of our last overview – early November 2019 – flower had been somewhat scarce for some time, but was becoming more widely available again. Since then, flower is available in almost an abundance at this point; every MMTC usually has at least one strain available at almost any given time now. It may not be the exact strain you’re looking for, but it’s a much better scenario than Fall 2019 when there seemed to be weeks with almost zero flower availability, supplemented only by small “limited” releases.

As we begin 2020, all the potential Adult Use Cannabis amendments have discontinued their campaigns due to lack of signatures in time for the February deadline, so this topic will not be on the Florida 2020 ballot. However, Senator Jeff Brandes and Representative Carlos Guillermos Smith have introduced bipartisan companion bills in the Florida House and Senate to legalize adult use cannabis in Florida, and they even go a step further by breaking down the current vertical integration system (largely responsible for high prices and lack of wide availability) and expunging minor prior cannabis offenses for Florida residents.

While this is great news and a sign of progress, there is still doubt on whether either of these bills can pass in the Republican-dominated legislative branches of Florida’s government. And since this would not technically be “the people’s choice” since it’s in the form of bills, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Governor Ron Desantis – who has been known to be opposed to adult use cannabis – would veto the measure entirely.

Another item of contention for Florida legislators and patients is the resurfacing of talk to impose a cap of 10% THC on all cannabis flower in Florida. Republican Representative Ray Rodrigues has apparently been attempting to build support for his ongoing war against medical cannabis, and there are rumors that he has convinced much of the House to agree with him. Patients and the industry itself will certainly fight back (and win) against any measure introduced with the intention of limiting (read: harming) Floridian cannabis patients, but now is the time to contact your local representatives (particularly your Senators) and let them know how much you oppose a cap/limit of any cannabinoid in our medical cannabis products.

With that in mind for future action and organization, let’s shift our focus back to the current growth of the industry, and the even brighter future that lies ahead.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: January 16, 2020

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 302,891

Numbers above provided as of the latest OMMU Update – 01.10.2020

As has been the case for pretty much the entire existence of the medical cannabis industry in Florida, Trulieve dominates the market; in fact, they have ramped up production and created an even bigger gap between them and the closest competitors as of the last update. All MMTCs now offer a flower product, and almost all of them have nearly constant availability of flower. Flower quality across the board continues to improve, and most of the major MMTCs now have multiple tiers and prices for different qualities of flower. To be frank, it’s truly a great time to be a cannabis patient in Florida, and it’s only going to get better this year.

Brief Overview of each MMTC’s Flower

Top 3 Suppliers of Flower in Florida (by number of oz. sold as of the one week period before the last OMMU update):

  1. Trulieve – 9,099.311
  2. Liberty Health Sciences – 2,343.171
  3. Curaleaf Florida – 2,083.905


Skunk Ape flower from Trulieve. Image by Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Trulieve’s flower remains as some of the highest-reviewed flower across the board in Florida, and they continue to keep consistent high quality pumping out from their powerhouse operation. Many times recently, patients have uploaded daily product menus from their local dispensaries that show upwards of 16 different strains available in flower. This certainly shows growth from 2019, and begins to resemble a more developed legal cannabis market in Florida.

A slight controversy on social media as of late – particular the Florida Medical Trees subreddit – has been a slew of reports of underweight eighth ounces (standard: 3.5 grams) being sold at Trulieve. A few dozen patients have reported eighths weighing anywhere from over a full gram short (isolated incident), to the more common eighths weighing in the 3.1-3.3 gram range.

The way I see it is this: there are two possible extremes. One is that Trulieve is either intentionally or unintentionally selling a significant number of short eighths. The other extreme is that patients (or even competitors) are fabricating these reports for attention and/or free product.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Regardless, Trulieve has responded and stated that the issue is being addressed. Hopefully, the issue is resolved and becomes a distant memory, as the quality and selection of products at Trulieve continues to improve with time.

Concentrates: Trulieve currently offers cannabis concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, crumble, RSO, and rosin.


LA Woman flower from Curaleaf. Image courtesy of Reddit u/OutlierForLife

Curaleaf had just started to ramp up the quality of their flower as of the time of our last update, and that trend has continued over the past two months, with several posts each week from patients who are highly satisfied with their flower pickups. No major changes have occurred with Curaleaf’s flower pricing; strains range from $37 to $57 and are typically 20 +/- 5% THC.

Curaleaf has expanded their selection of concentrates since the last update, as reports of limited batches of crumble have surfaced since then.

The main complaint about Curaleaf is a consistent lack of stock at many locations; however, some patients have reported this week that their local dispensaries had have 10+ strains available. Perhaps Curaleaf is ramping up their grow operation in Florida?

Concentrates: Curaleaf currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, crumble, and wax.


Post image
Glitter Apples flower from RiSE. Image courtesy of Reddit u/imisstebow1523.

RiSE has opened up one additional location since our last update, for a total of 6 locations throughout the state.

Their flower is consistently highly rated and regarded as some of the best in Florida’s medical cannabis industry, though its availability is limited when compared to that of other MMTCs.

RiSE offers flower for $50/eighth, and their “smalls” (same as Trulieve’s minis – small, popcorn nugs) are $35/eighth.

Concentrates: RiSE currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
Silicon Valley OG flower from GrowHealthy. image courtesy of Reddit u/jetfire245.

GrowHealthy has expanded form 9 to 12 locations since the last update, and had already expanded from 6 locations at the time of the update before that – so they are definitely rapidly expanding their operation in Florida.

Reviews of GrowHealthy’s flower continue to be mostly all very positive. The MMTC recently started offering their “littles”, which are the same as other MMTCs’ “minis”, “smalls”, “popcorns”, etc: small buds from the lower parts of the plant that don’t get as much light. GrowHealthy’s “littles” are $35 per eighth and $99 per half, making for a very affordable high-quality flower option.

GrowHealthy also recently introduced periodic releases of their “Master Grower Series” flower priced at $60/eighth, and reviews have largely indicated that patients believe the quality matches the expensive price tag.

This recent shift in pricing scheme shows the effect of competition in the Florida cannabis industry that I’ve been talking about for nearly a year now. As more MMTCs expand and more locations open in the same areas, competition and production both increase – so prices come down. I believe this is another good sign of things to come throughout 2020.


King Dosi flower from VidaCann. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

VidaCann has remained steady with 13 locations since our last update, and their operation has remained steady as well. VidaCann locations across the state seem to regularly have flower almost any given day of the week during the past month, and rumor has it that their highly popular Tikun Olam partnered line of products will be releasing a flower product very soon.

Other than that, we expect to see VidaCann continue to steadily grow in its presence and product selection & availability throughout 2020.

Concentrates: Cresco/VidaCann currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate – available in both syringe and glass jar containers.

MÜV (Altmed Florida)

Post image
Guru flower from MUV. Image courtesy of Reddit u/meyerchandler972.

MÜV continues chugging along with its recently ramped-up flower production, retaining the #4 spot for flower production in Florida.

Some reports lately have indicated that MÜV‘s flower quality has not been quite as good as most patients are used to. Whether this is a “blip” or a longer trend remains to be seen, as these posts on social media are relatively new.

Regardless, MÜV has progressed their flower product into 3 different tiers based on various factors that affect the overall quality – size, terpene profile, potency, etc.

Tier 3 flower is $32/eighth and is MÜV‘s version of “smalls”. Tier 2 flower is $40/eighth, and Tier 1 – the highest quality MÜV offers – is $50/eighth.

Great news for Panhandle patients: MÜV has confirmed locations in both Tallahassee and Pensacola. The Tallahassee location is set to open within the next week or two, and the Pensacola location’s opening date is currently unknown.

Concentrates: MÜV offers concentrate in the forms of distillate, shatter, crumble, terp sauce, rosin, and RSO.

Liberty Health Sciences

Post image
Super A5 flower from LHS. Image courtesy of Reddit u/_briannacoffey

Liberty Health Sciences flower has continued to improve, and some patients have reported the their eighths are even beginning to have a more pungent smell – a far cry from the “LHS flower smells like hay” reports that were rampant for much of 2019. One thing is for sure: LHS has continued to ramp up their flower production, and remains the #2 producer of cannabis flower in the state of Florida.

Liberty also offers a second tier of their flower in their “Papa’s Herb” line, which is priced at $25/eighth. These batches are typically lower THC than the rest of their flower, but they are often very good quality in their own right.

Since our last update, LHS has started to offer a third tier of flower: their “popcorn” product, priced at $23/eighth.

Concentrates: Liberty Health Sciences currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
“Gemmador” flower from Fluent. Image courtesy of Reddit u/DedicatedMedicated71

Fluent has ramped up their flower production since our last update, and offers a new pricing structure for their flower, which is broken down into 5 tiers:

Fluent is still regarded to have very high quality flower relative to the rest of the Florida industry; with a new pricing structure and more production, we expect that Fluent’s flower sales and production both will only continue to increase throughout the rest of the year.

Fluent also introduced two new ice water extract concentrate products: their “Melt” priced at $90/gram, and rosin at $80/gram.

Concentrates: Fluent currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, melt, and rosin.

Surterra Wellness

Myakka Native flower from Surterra. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Surterra has had some pretty massive updates to their product selection since our last update. They introduced their “Float” line of products, which features whole flower (finally!), shatter, and a “soft wax” concentrate product.

Surterra’s flower is priced at $30/eighth across the board, making it some of the more affordable flower in Florida. However, quality has not been particularly impressive according to my own experience and other patients’ experiences on social media; I suppose at that price, you get what you pay for, right? I am thankful that Surterra is finally offering a whole flower product, and hope they continue to improve the quality as we move forward.

Concentrates: Surterra currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, and soft wax.


Post image
Florida’s Gift flower from Harvest. Image courtesy of Reddit u/Icewind6

Harvest is another relatively affordable option for Florida medical cannabis patients, with all of their eighths priced at $35/eighth.

For some reason, Harvest’s flower seems to be the least talked about on social media, and what little talk I have seen has been negative.

We’ll continue to keep our eye on Harvest to see if they try to increase their presence in the Florida medical marijuana market.

Concentrates: Harvest only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

One Plant (Formerly 3 Boys Farm)

Post image
MAC1 flower from One Plant. Image courtesy of Reddit u/bigjocita.

One Plant has made a name for themselves in Florida’s medical cannabis industry since our last update. They’ve introduced new pricing tiers based on overall quality, shown in the chart below:

Post image

Reviews of strains in all tiers have been largely positive, and indications from social media are that the “Exosphere” tier really is extremely high quality bud, even with the ridiculous price tag. I haven’t had a chance to try One Plant’s flower yet, so I’ll let you all be the judge. Let us know about your thoughts/experiences with their flower in the comments section of this post!

Concentrates: One Plant currently offers distillate vape carts.


MedMen has expanded from 7 to 10 locations since our last update. However, they hardly ever have any flower available, and both the numbers on the OMMU report and the lack of social media posts show it. There are rumors that MedMen as a company may be near the end of its life; while that remains to be seen, they surely haven’t made much of an impact in Florida yet.

Concentrates: MedMen only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

Columbia Care Florida

Post image
Tangie and Cream flower from Columbia Care. Image courtesy of Reddit u/bobbylight407

Columbia Care has made a surprising, extremely strong statement with their entrance into the Florida medical cannabis flower market. Up until the time of our last update, Columbia Care was the lone holdout of all MMTCs; it was the only one not currently offering a flower product. at the time.

That suddenly and unexpectedly changed in late Fall 2019, with Columbia Care’s announcement of their flower product, priced at $43/eighth. Reviews of this flower have been mostly overwhelmingly positive – it’s possible that Columbia is on its way to gaining a reputation as having some of the best medical cannabis flower in Florida. We’re certainly watching their growth and expansion with anticipation, and look forward to trying their flower, hopefully soon.

Concentrates: Columbia Care currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts.

Closing Thoughts

2020 looks to be another great year for medical (and possibly Adult Use) cannabis in Florida – perhaps an even better year than 2019. As all Florida MMTCs continue to grow their operations and refine their products, competition increases, and lower prices become more common; we’re seeing the beginning of this now. Multiple price tiers will continue to become more common in the industry; I predict that by the end of the year, almost all of the MMTCs will have multiple price tiers for their flower products, and will all continually have multiple strains available.

Depending on how the 2020 Legislative Session in Florida goes, a myriad of possible outcomes for our cannabis industry are possible. We optimistically believe that the outcome will be for all of our benefit; regardless of what happens, the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective will be here to inform you of all the latest developments in our cannabis industry.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: One Year Anniversary – 2018-2019, Then & Now

It’s almost hard for me to believe as I type this: the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective has been around for a full year today. Our first post was a review of Sour Diesel TruFlower Cups, but here we are – dozens of reviews and industry updates later.

The industry has changed rapidly, and is completely different and more evolved than it was when this project started. Full flower sales started earlier this year, many Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) have released several new products and forms of cannabis concentrate, and there are thousands upon thousands of new patients.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who regularly read and give feedback to all the content here. Seeing all of your success stories and the ways that the Collective has helped you all as cannabis patients, has been the single most fulfilling aspect of this entire project, and is one of many sources of inspiration that I draw from as I sit down to write each new piece of content.

In celebration of our first full year together, I’ll do a few comparisons of the Florida medical cannabis industry now to what it was 1 year ago today.

December 2018December 2019
Qualified Patients (Active ID card)156,408289,285
Total Patients (Including expired ID cards)198,461410,344
Qualified Physicians 1,8652,594
Total Number of Dispensaries in Florida77205
Milligrams of Medical Marijuana (High-THC) Dispensed
(During the week prior, per latest OMMU Update)
Milligrams of Low-THC Marijuana (High-CBD) Dispensed
(During the week prior, per latest OMMU Update)

These numbers tell a few interesting stories. The most obvious is that the program is growing: particularly the total number of patients in the state registry. What is interesting about this is, however, is that the gap between qualified patients and total patients continues to increase, most likely due to the high costs of maintaining an ID card and the prices of the products themselves. Social media indicates that a lot of patients are heading back to the black market due to not being able to afford all the costs that being a legal cannabis patient in Florida incurs.

The number of qualified physicians has grown at a steady rate, and there is roughly one qualified physician for every 112 patients in the program, which isn’t too much of a stretch.

The number of dispensaries throughout the state has nearly tripled, with most of the growth in coastal areas in the central and southern parts of the state. The panhandle continues to have the least variety in this area, with many MMTCs still not serving that part of the state. Overall, however, access has improved throughout the state this year. If patients were divided evenly amongst the 205 dispensaries in Florida, each dispensary would serve roughly 1,411 patients.

What I found to be perhaps the most surprising from the table above, is that there was less CBD dispensed than this time last year. I attribute part of this to the fact that the Farm Bill passed last year, and hemp-based CBD products are much more readily available to order online, often at a far lower cost than the CBD products offered in Florida dispensaries.

Industry Evolution 2018 -2019

The information we’ve reviewed so far indicates that, as expected, Florida’s medical marijuana industry grew significantly last year. But how did it grow? What changed? What products became available since last year?

Full Flower Legalization

Perhaps the most monumental catalyst for growth of Florida’s medical industry in 2019 was the passage of Senate Bill 182 in the early months of 2019, which allowed MMTCs to sell loose cannabis flower in a form designed for smoking – the way nearly a majority of us medicate. I predicted this change would occur in this article I wrote on January 1 of this year. John Morgan’s lawsuit against the state was in full swing at that time, and Governor DeSantis was just a couple of weeks away from announcing the March deadline he would give the legislature to draft legislation allowing for smokable marijuana – which ultimately led to the existence of SB 182 in the first place.

As of the time of writing this article, every single MMTC in Florida now offers a smokable flower product. One year ago, only Trulieve and Curaleaf offered flower in their vaporizer cups, which were intended to be vaporized in proprietary Volcano-like products (though most of us just found a way to get the flower out of the cups and either vape or smoke it rather than pay $500+ for the intended device.)

Flower prices have also generally come down since last year – most of Trulieve’s flower strains were $55 back then, whereas a majority of them now are in their $43 tier now.

More Variety of Concentrates

One year ago, just about the only concentrate product one could find in Florida was distillate. Trulieve had released shatter a few months back, and MUV had just dropped both shatter and crumble. Other than that, however, choices were limited to distillate or vape carts for many patients.

In the year since then, we now have distillate, shatter, crumble, rosin, RSO, terp sauce, soft wax, and (perhaps arguably) live resin carts. MUV has been the state’s leader in new forms of concentrates, and has most all of the above forms of concentrate available at their dispensaries. Trulieve and Curaleaf also offer most of these forms, and even Surterra (who previously was hesitant to embrace flower and full-spectrum products) has jumped into the concentrate market with a recent release of shatter and soft wax products. Almost every MMTC offers distillate, and more say they plan to have shatter, crumble, and wax products by the beginning of 2020.

Closing Thoughts

From December 2, 2018 to December 2, 2019 – Florida’s medical cannabis industry has evolved to more resemble the well-developed markets in other legal states. Though the way our laws are written have provided many challenges: product availability and high prices to name a couple – conditions continue to steadily improve with respect to access and affordability.

One year ago, I never imagined that every single MMTC would offer a flower product; a few MMTCs had gained a little notoriety last year for taking stances in opposition to allowing full flower sales. One year later, all of them have embraced what patients ultimately wanted from the start – a variety of products, and the ability to purchase cannabis in its most natural full-flower form.

It is my belief that the industry will continue with this steady growth throughout 2020. Though House Representative Ray Rodrigues plans to fight against our medicine again during the 2020 legislative session – namely by his attempts to impose a 10% THC limit on all cannabis flower in product as he did at the beginning of this year – I have a feeling that the MMTCs and the will of our hundreds of thousands of patients will not allow that to happen; what is truly righteous and just will prevail, just as it did this year when we were finally granted the ability to purchase whole flower. The Florida Medical Cannabis Collective will surely be using this site and our social media reach to help fight against the misinformation campaigns that Ray and his allies are sure to use against us – and we will absolutely win.

2019 has been a great year for all of us, and 2020 stands to be even better. Whatever happens, be assured that we at the Collective will be here for you through it all. We look forward to another great year together, and again, we thank you all for your continued love and support.

May you all be blessed with peace, love, wealth, health, wisdom, prosperity, and happiness.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 11.07.2019 – Industry Update, MMTC/Flower Overview

Florida’s medical cannabis industry has continued to expand since our last update on 08.20.2019. Each Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) continues to open new dispensary locations throughout the state, and more products are becoming available at each one.

With respect to the availability of flower (which seems to be the preferred form of cannabis medication for many patients), there have been some ups and downs in the industry since our last update. You may remember my reporting that the industry was beginning to have an abundance of flower at the time of the last update. Unfortunately, availability seemed to enter a decline for much of September and October. The good news is that this trend seems to be reversing, and flower is becoming more widely available again throughout the state.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: November 07, 2019

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 280,149 – It seems the growth of this number is slowing, possibly due to former patients not renewing their cards.

Total Patients: 393,663

Numbers above provided as of the latest OMMU Update – 11.01.2019

Trulieve continues to dominate the Florida market in sales of all forms of medical cannabis, selling over four times as much medical marijuana (measured in mg THC) of the closest competitor (Surterra Wellness) and over three times the amount of smokable marijuana (Liberty Health Sciences). With rapid expansion of dispensary locations – including 2 new locations in the western Panhandle, one of the most underserved areas in the state – it looks like Trulieve will continue to dominate the market for the foreseeable future, though other MMTCs are beginning to significantly increase their numbers as well.

All Florida MMTCs (except for Columbia Care) now offer flower, and have been offering it for some time. It doesn’t look like Columbia Care has plans to offer flower any time soon, either.

The Panhandle (particularly the western portion) continues to be the most underserved area in the state, due a host of factors, namely the unfriendly political climate towards cannabis in those areas. However, there have been several dispensaries to open in this area over the past 2 months, so perhaps more access is finally on its way for all patients.

Brief Overview of each MMTC’s Flower

Top 3 Suppliers of Flower in Florida (by number of oz. sold as of the one week period before the last OMMU update):

  1. Trulieve – 6,739.755
  2. Liberty Health Sciences – 2,927.098
  3. AltMed Florida (MÜV) – 1,539.419


Recent batch of Paradise Waits flower from Trulieve. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Trulieve has been consistently producing high-quality flower for several months now. In October, they introduced their “TruFlower Minis” – eighths of small “popcorn nugs” for $27/eighth. This product was extremely popular, and resulted in long lines forming at dispensaries throughout the state, sometimes well before the location’s opening time. Unfortunately, supply has not been able to meet demand for many patients, due to Florida’s restrictive vertical-integration requirement for MMTCs to grow, package, distribute, and sell their own cannabis products – “from seed to sale.”

Trulieve continues to provide superior customer service in the Florida industry, though there was a period of a few weeks in late September where their online website seemed to go without being updated, leading to expressions of frustration from some patients on social media. Thankfully, this issue seems to have been resolved in recent weeks, and the site is functioning as it used to again.

Trulieve’s overall flower quality, and quality of all products in general, seems to be improving and staying more consistent. We expect this trend to continue as their company rapidly grows in all areas.

Trulieve’s full-size flower ranges from $33 to $53 for an eighth, depending on time and effort required to grow the strain in question.

Concentrates: Trulieve currently offers cannabis concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, crumble, RSO, and rosin.


Post image
Image couresy of reddit user PoliLeft-RightSwipe

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an influx of posts on social media that show greatly improved quality of flower from Curaleaf. Reviews from patients indicate that the overall quality of taste, smell, and effects are better as well – though there have been a couple of mixed reviews that describe batches with weak or undesirable terpene profiles.

Oddly enough, Curaleaf processed slightly less smokable flower on this update than they did during the time of our last update. This may just be the natural ups and downs of production, as availability seems to be about the same as it was back then.

Curaleaf has some of the more expensive flower in the state, so it’s good to see that at least the quality of the flower is improving. Hopefully this significant improvement of their flower quality is a sign of good things to come in the near future.

Curaleaf’s flower ranges from $47.50/eighth an eighth to $57.50/eighth based on overall quality and THC percentage, with some outliers if quality is significantly higher or lower than their norm. They currently do not offer smalls or minis.

Concentrates: Curaleaf currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, and wax.


Post image
Queen Heron flower from RiSE. Image courtesy of reddit user jrdy787.

RiSE has been a favorite of South Florida patients for several months now, and they continue to steadily pump out batches of extremely high-quality flower. Patients still rave about their products on social media, and if the pictures we’ve been seeing are any indication, their flower is surely some of the best in the state.

Unfortunately, RiSE hasn’t opened any additional locations since our last update; they currently only have 5 locations open in Florida. We hope to see them expand their presence soon, and produce even more of the high quality cannabis that we’re seeing from them.

Rise offers flower for $50/eighth, and their “smalls” (same as Trulieve’s minis – small, popcorn nugs) are $35/eighth.

Concentrates: RiSE currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
Queso Perro (left) and Birds of Paradise (right) flower from GrowHealthy. Image courtesy of Redditor YTLupo.

GrowHealthy has expanded from 6 to 9 locations in the past couple of months, again, mostly in South Florida. Their flower is some of the most expensive in the industry at $50/eighth (and no lower-priced smalls or minis). Reviews of their flower on social media have been mostly positive and indicative of high-quality flower, though there have been a few batches that made me feel bad for the patient who paid $50/eighth for the flower that I saw in their images.

Fortunately, GrowHealthy seems to have some of the highest quality flower in the state when they get it right, and a selection of strains that no other MMTCs seem to offer at this time. We hope to see GrowHealthy continue to expand throughout the state and produce more high-quality flower in the near future.

Concentrates: GrowHealthy currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.

Cresco Florida (Formerly VidaCann)

Post image
Duct Tape flower from VidaCann. Image courtesy of Reddit user Conflixshuns.

Though the rebranding hasn’t seemed to become apparent on any of their products or dispensary locations yet, the OMMU website now lists VidaCann as Cresco due to their acquisition earlier this year.

As of our last update, VidaCann had completely stopped producing flower due to issues with their grow facility. They began releasing very limited batches in September, which became more frequent during the month of October. It seems that they are beginning to offer flower regularly again; hopefully they are back in the groove of having flower every week as they were at the beginning of the year.

The first batches of the new/recent flower from VidaCann in September were unfortunately not nearly the quality that their flower was earlier in the year, but it seems that the most recent batches in the past couple of weeks are back on par with what we’ve come to expect from VidaCann – some batches recently have registered as high as 29% THC.

VidaCann has also started offering their flower “smalls” since our last update – these are the same as Trulieve’s “minis”; they are small popcurn nugs sold for a lower price. VidaCann’s regular flower is $50/eighth, and their smalls are $40/eighth.

With 13 locations open in Florida, VidaCann is in the “mid range” of Florida MMTCs in terms of size/coverage. Here’s to seeing much more premium quality flower from them soon!

Concentrates: Cresco/VidaCann currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate – available in both syringe and glass jar containers.

MÜV (Altmed Florida)

Post image
MÜV Guru flower. Image courtesy of Reddit user Conflixshuns.

MÜV has more than doubled their flower production since our last update, taking the No. 3 slot for most cannabis flower dispensed throughout the state. They also now offer two pricings for flower: T1 is their full-size flower, which is $50/eighth. T2 is the equivalent of smalls or minis, and is $40/eighth.

MÜV hasn’t missed a beat with producing high quality flower that has patients raving across social media. They’ve also expanded their footprint throughout the state, and have expanded as far north as Jacksonville. (We’re still waiting for them to open up in the western Panhandle!)

Concentrates: MÜV offers concentrate in the forms of distillate, shatter, crumble, terp sauce, rosin, and RSO.

Liberty Health Sciences

Post image
Stark Killer flower from LHS. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Liberty Health Sciences (LHS) has arguably made the most progress this year in terms of their flower availability and quality. LHS started their flower production in Spring 2019 with $28 eighths that were available in very limited batches, and the reviews of the flower in these first batches were generally negative. There were also major concerns of mold and mites, and entire batches of flower were reportedly disposed of due to this.

At the time of our last update, LHS had resolved many of their major quality issues, and began producing much more flower – to the point that they moved up to #3 flower production in the state.

Liberty has continued that momentum over the past few months, and dispensed nearly 3,000 ounces of flower in the week of the most recent OMMU update; they now produce the 2nd highest amount of flower in the state, second only to Trulieve.

In the past couple of weeks, LHS increased the prices of some of their flower strains, which were all originally $28/eighth. Their Blue Dream flower increased to $33, and several new strains were released at $40/eighth. LHS stated that the quality of their flower would be greatly improved after the price increase, and all recent reviews of their flower on social media indicate that this is exactly what is happening. This is promising, and we hope LHS will continue with this momentum of improved quality, especially since they feel it is enough to charge more money for certain strains.

Liberty also offers a second tier of their flower in their “Papa’s Herb” line, which is priced at $25/eighth. These batches are typically lower THC than the rest of their flower, but they are often very good quality in their own right.

Concentrates: Liberty Health Sciences currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Grandaddy Purple flower from Fluent. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Fluent continues to offer limited releases of flower, though they have seemed to increase their availability within the past month. Quality has been generally very high, as is usual from Fluent, though there was a batch of “Lyra” (Sweet Kush) flower I purchased from them last month that may have been some of the weakest medical cannabis flower I’ve tried.

Thankfully, their “Polaris” (Grandaddy Purple) flower that is pictured above was much better when I paid them another visit a couple of weeks later. Most reviews of their flower have remained very positive.

Fluent offers most of their flower for $50/eighth, though they will lower it to $45 or $40 for an eighth depending on the THC amount.

Concentrates: Fluent currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.

Surterra Wellness

Post image
Tillamook Strawberry preroll from Surterra. Image courtesy of Reddit user Bolliver.

Surterra continues to offer pre-rolls at most of their locations. They also removed a previous limit of 3 pre-rolls per patient per day, allowing for patients to stock up on this form of medication. Surterra’s prerolls used to be sold for $8/each, but are now sold in packs of 2 for $15.

There have been no indications that Surterra is anywhere close to offering a loose flower product, though some buzz around social media says they are learning how to grow quality flower with a high aesthetic value and consistent medical quality.

Concentrates: Surterra currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
Jet-A flower from Harvest. Image courtesty of Redditor OrlandoSmoke.

Harvest is another relatively affordable option for Florida medical cannabis patients, with all of their eighths priced at $35/eighth.

Harvest still isn’t producing much flower (only around 171 ounces as of the last OMMU update), and reviews on social media are few and far between. Reviews have been mixed: some patients have said Harvest has the worst flower they’ve had legal or otherwise, while others complimented the cure and terpene profiles.

We’ll continue to keep our eye on Harvest to see if they try to increase their presence in the Florida medical marijuana market.

Concentrates: Harvest only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

One Plant (Formerly 3 Boys Farm)

Post image
Ebony and Ivory flower from One Plant. image courtesy of Reddit user MrThompson311.

One Plant underwent a rebranding since our last update. They’re also trying to make some moves in the industry: they offered an unprecedented $125/ounce special last month, and are opening their first brick & mortar storefront location in Boynton Beach tomorrow.

Reviews of OnePlant flower have been generally mixed to negative. While the flower typically looks good in images found online, many patients complained about overly dry flower and a complete lack of a terpene profile in some strains. This has been disappointing to see, as 3 Boys Farm was often purported to be bringing some of the best cannabis flower to the Florida industry in their first days of providing flower via delivery.

Hopefully, we will see One Plant up their flower quality and offer more low-priced quantity specials as they continue to expand their operation.

Concentrates: One Plant currently only offers flower at this time; there are no concentrates available.


Post image
Lemon Skunk flower from MedMen. Image courtesy of Redditor LondonxxSmith.

Medmen has rapidly expanded from one to seven storefront locations since our last update in August. However, only one of those – the original West Palm Beach location – is currently offering flower. In fact, MedMen dispensed the least amount of smokable flower of any MMTC as of the last OMMU update, with just over 111 ounces dispensed that week.

Though many of patients are opposed to MedMen due to their stance against allowing home grow in Florida, the reviews of their flower have been generally positive. We hope that they will get flower to their other 6 locations soon.

Concentrates: MedMen only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

Closing Thoughts

The Florida medical cannabis industry continues to grow at a steady rate, as each MMTC continues to expand their operations throughout the state, and expand their product availability. Flower selection and availability continue to increase (albeit slowly), and overall quality seems to be on a steady incline.

It’s been refreshing to see many MMTCs offer more affordable flower options in the forms of minis, smalls, etc. – this is a good sign of things to come as patient access and affordability continues to increase throughout the state into 2020.

If you’re a medical cannabis patient in Florida right now, enjoy the ride. Industry conditions are steadily improving, and it’s my belief that they’re only going to continue to get much better as we close 2019 and begin the next decade.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 08.20.2019 Update – Industry Update, Flower Overview

It’s been just over 1 month since our last industry update. Overall, growth and expansion seem to be continuing at a steady rate. Flower availability continues to increase as dispensaries are able to keep better stock and a wider selection of strains and various products. The market is finally beginning to resemble that of a developed medical cannabis market – at least with respect to the fact that whole flower is now (almost) widely available.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: August 20, 2019

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 266,256 

Total Patients: 346,089

Numbers above provided as of the latest OMMU Update – 08.16.2019.

It’s been just over 4 months since SB 182 passed and allowed Florida dispensaries to sell smokable cannabis flower. Since our last update, the supply issues have continued to improve.

Trulieve is still the main supplier of medical marijuana in the state by a long shot: they delivered over four times as many milligrams of medical marijuana, and more than double the amount of smokable flower, as the nearest competitor (Curaleaf) as of the August 16 OMMU update. As I’ve mentioned before, I expect Trulieve to hold this lead for some time – possibly as long as vertical integration is upheld in the Florida cannabis industry. However, the space between them and their competitors will continue to gradually shrink as other MMTCs expand their operations and storefront locations.

All Florida MMTCs (except for Columbia Care) now offer flower, and have been offering it for some time.

The Panhandle (particularly the western portion) continues to be the most underserved area in the state, due a host of factors, namely the unfriendly political climate towards cannabis in those areas. Being that we are located in the western Panhandle, we truly hope to see access continue to expand here – and throughout the state, of course.  

Brief Overview of each MMTC’s Flower

Top 3 Suppliers of Flower in Florida (by number of oz. sold as of last OMMU update):

  1. Trulieve – 4,222.223
  2. Curaleaf – 1,738.536
  3. Liberty Health Sciences: 1,673.222


A recent batch of Sherbert Truflower

Trulieve has offered flower for the longest amount of time, and has had high quality flower available for nearly a year now. However, notably in the past couple of months, the consistency of high quality cures has improved. It seems that the Quality Assurance for the grow/cure departments has really dialed in on how to get more out of each batch of flower. The one factor that could still consistently be improved is the trimming: many different strains have had small sugar leaves left behind lately. This attention to detail is what will separate superior, top-shelf flower from “just” good flower.

While Trulieve was previously plagued with issues surrounding their stock and online ordering system in the weeks leading up to our last update in July, investment in upgrades to the Point-of-Sale and employee/operations training has helped make a significant improvement in these areas.

In my opinion, Trulieve also has the best customer service in the Florida cannabis industry, which I believe has been a big factor in their holding a firm lead of the industry – especially when coupled with their consistently high quality products.


Post image
Blue Dream flower from Curaleaf. Image courtesy of Redditor “Psyched4This”

As evidenced in the last OMMU update, Curaleaf is making a run for the #2 MMTC in Florida in terms of the amount of cannabis dispensed.

It seems that since our last update, many Curaleaf locations have been keeping better stock of their flower. According to reviews on Reddit, the quality of the flower appears to be on a steady upward trend as well. With over 20 locations now open, as well as many out-of-state operations to learn from, we believe we will see Curaleaf’s presence in the Florida industry begin to increase over the course of the next year.


Post image
Sour Diesel flower from RiSE. Image courtesy of Redditor “timmyhigt369”.

Not much has changed since our last update regarding RiSE holding their reputation for having the best flower in Florida. It seems that almost every day, a patient is on the Florida Medical Trees subreddit to rave about the quality of their latest RiSE flower pickup.

With 5 dispensing locations now open, RiSE is beginning to expand its storefront and delivery presence a little more. We hope to see them in the Panhandle soon to see what all the hype is about!


Post image
Ghost Rider OG flower from GrowHealthy, courtesy of Redditor “OrlandoSmoke”.

With 6 locations open, GrowHealthy has expanded access, mainly in South Florida. Flower stock continues to be very limited from what we are seeing on Reddit, and the OMMU update also seems to confirm this, showing just over 360 ounces of flower dispensed from GrowHealthy last week – a much smaller number in comparison to Trulieve & Curaleaf.

GrowHealthy also suffers from missteps in their management and operations structure. Another confusing price/discount change over the last month has many patients boycotting the MMTC entirely, referring to them as “GrowShady” online across various social media.

Hopefully, their corporate management will get their act together, and allow for a fair and transparent pricing and discount system that stays consistent for more than a month at a time. The quality product is there – now the management needs to follow.


Post image
Duct Tape flower from VidaCann. Image courtesy of Redditor “ajbmw335i”.

Many patients have noticed a complete lack of flower stock at VidaCann locations throughout the state since our last update. Flower has been absent form their online site for nearly 2 months now.

VidaCann has finally clarified why this happened in a great example of transparency. In an email to me on 08.14.2019, they gave the following statement:

The heat and humidity have delayed our flower production. We’re in the process of not only expanding our cultivation facility by 200% but also improving our dehumidification systems. For the next couple months we will be releasing small amounts of flower that meets our quality standards and it will be consistent again in the fall. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

Massive kudos to VidaCann for being completely honest. It appears that they have “started from scratch” with their flower production. We look forward to seeing more of their flower in the coming months, as it truly was/is some of the best quality flower in the Florida industry.

MUV (Altmed Florida)

MUV Sour Jack flower. Image courtesy of Redditor “rvelardo”.

 MUV went through its own apparent flower shortage a couple of months ago – we referenced this in last month’s industry update.

It appears that those days are behind us now, as MUV has taken 4th place in the amount of whole flower dispensed as of last week’s OMMU update, with over 600 ounces of flower dispensed.

All indications from social media reviews are that MUV continues to offer high quality flower, and many newer strains that we haven’t seen at any of the other MMTCs.

Liberty Health Sciences

Post image
Blue Dream flower from LHS. Image courtesy of Redditor “Catalo”.

With the most affordable cannabis flower in the Florida industry (eighths are priced from $25-28), Liberty Health Sciences have made a definitive footprint throughout the state, as evidenced by their #3 position in the “Top 3 suppliers of flower in Florida” list above.

There have been a few notable concerns of quality control at LHS, namely both mold and spider mites being reported on a few batches of their flower over the last month. However, social media postings indicate that LHS has taken the steps to get rid of the contaminated stock, and other posts show that the overall quality of their flower is improving with time.


Sour Diesel flower from Fluent. Image courtesy of Redditor “Psyched4This”.

Fluent has upheld its reputation for having extremely high quality flower over the past month – if you are lucky enough to get it. With just over 36 ounces – or about 2.3 pounds – of flower dispensed last week, Fluent actually provided the least amount of flower of any MMTC in Florida.

Hopefully, what now are only weekly or biweekly releases of flower (dubbed “Flower Fridays”), will become more frequent with time. We aren’t sure if this sporadic release of flower is a decision based on grow space, or if it is simply the direction Fluent wants to take – opting to focus on their oils and other products. Only time will tell. In the mean time, try to scoop an eighth if you can; the flower is great.

Surterra Wellness

Surterra Stardawg flower pre-roll

Surterra continues to offer pre-rolls at select locations; the good news is that they have expanded the number of locations that offer them. They also removed a previous limit of 3 pre-rolls per patient per day, allowing for patients to stock up on this form of medication.

There have been no indications that Surterra is anywhere close to offering a loose flower product, though we did receive a few email surveys asking if we preferred pre-rolls or whole flower, among other questions.

We believe that the majority of patients want whole flower products, and that offering whole flower would bring many more patients, who might not have otherwise, to visit Surterra. Bring on the whole flower!


Post image
Grimmdica flower from Harvest. Image courtesy of Redditor “shiverforest626”.

With all of their flower options priced at $35/eighth, Harvest is another one of the most affordable options for cannabis flower in Florida.

Reviews online have been mixed to generally good. Most complaints lie with the smell/terpenes; while most patients indicate that they enjoy the effects (even with lower THC options), the most common gripe seems to be the (lack 0f) smell in most strains, or even a “hay” like smell in some batches.

As with the other MMTCs, we expect that the flower quality will only improve with time. It is promising to see lower priced flower options; they are much needed, and will hopefully bring more competitive pricing from other MMTCs.

3 Boys Farm

Post image
3 Boys Mendocino x Purple Cheddar flower. Image courtesy of reddit “smokincaveman3255”.

3 Boys Farm is currently delivery-only in Florida, so a very limited number of patients have been able to try their flower. Interestingly, 3 Boys is the first Florida MMTC to offer flower before offering any other products.

Reviews online have raved about the quality of the flower. However, the MMTC has faced a bit of recent controversy regarding their opposition to home-grow in Florida – a political stance that has been closely watched by patients, and generally a good first indicator of just how much patient advocacy is really going on within each company.

With around 48 ounces (just over 3 pounds) of flower dispensed last week, 3 Boys still has a very limited delivery area and product availability. The reviews of their flower quality have been promising, though, and we look forward to being able to try them in the near future.

Just do us a favor – openly support home grow rather than oppose it. We tend to show the most support for MMTCs who make a true, visible effort to expand patient access and affordable medicine.


Post image
Lemon Skunk flower from Medmen. Image courtesy of Redditor “Anthony780”.

Medmen has only begun to offer smokable flower products within the past month – since our last update in July, in fact.

With only 1 physical dispensary location in West Palm Beach, reviews of Medmen’s flower have been very limited. What we have seen online indicates that the quality is at least decent – and fairly affordable, with some prices of $40/eighth reported.

The one question that remains: Do they have Tegridy?

Closing Thoughts

Florida’s cannabis industry continues to grow at a steady rate, though it looks like some of the surge of growth after the passage of SB 182 may be beginning to taper off. This will only help improve patient access and product availability as the various MMTCs are able to expand their operations and catch up to the demand.

The one major factor that continues to hinder the Florida market is vertical integration, and that is what we will be closely watching over the next few months. Florida lawmakers have been giving some mixed signals about their support of the vertical integration requirement, so it feels as everything is a bit “up in the air” at this point.

Otherwise, the overall experience for Florida cannabis patients continues to improve. Stay tuned to the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective website and social media in order to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments and changes to the industry that affect you.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: Guide to Florida Cannabis Concentrates – July 2019

As Florida’s cannabis market continues to grow, so does its selection of products. One year ago today, the only concentrate available was distillate. Now, many MMTCs have shatter, crumble, rosin, RSO, and other forms of concentrated medicinal cannabis.

This recent rise in options calls for a guide to them. Before we lay out all the options available at the various dispensaries, we’ll first provide a basic guide to the various types of cannabis concentrates available in Florida.

Quick Guide to Florida Cannabis Concentrates

What is a “concentrate”?

“Concentrate” is a broad term that generally applies to various forms of cannabis extract that yield high (usually over 60%) levels of THC. These more concentrated forms of medicine used to be the only form of cannabis that was legal in Florida, until the passage of SB 182, which allowed loose flower in a form intended for smoking to be sold.

Many patients prefer concentrates for their convenience, and for the ability to “microdose”, or use extremely small amounts to achieve a desirable level of medication.

We’ll review the various forms of concentrates in Florida, roughly in the order that they were introduced to the market.


Image result for truclear
“Truclear”, one of the first cannabis distillate products available in Florida

This refers to an oil that is made using various extraction methods; generally, most Florida patients prefer the quality of CO2-based extracts. Distillates usually contain a combination of concentrated cannabinoids and either plant or cannabis-derived terpenes. Distillates can be “dabbed“, or loaded into an empty vape cart and used with a vaporizer pen of your choice. Since the THC in distillate is already activated by the extraction process, the oil itself can be eaten to produce orally-ingested cannabis effects. Distillate is generally regarded as a lower-end quality concentrate, and some lower quality distillates that are made with plant-based terpenes (instead of cannabis-derived ones) have been referred to as “hot dog water” by many patients.

Almost every MMTC offers distillate in the form of distillate vape carts. These are sometimes cut with oils such as MCT or coconut oil in order to make the solution for fluid for vaping.


Image result for trushatter
Trulieve’s “TruShatter”, Florida’s first shatter product. Image courtesy of Reddit.

While distillate is an oil, and can be heated to where it is nearly a liquid, shatter is a solid substance. Formed from a different extraction method, shatter leaves the original cannabinoids and terpenes intact – so this concentrate is always strain specific, and always has the original cannabis terpenes intact. Shatter is usually dabbed or vaporized in a concentrate pen, and most patients prefer it to distillate for its ability to more accurately capture the strain it is labeled as. Patients often report shatter as having a relatively stronger taste, but little smell.


Image result for muv blue
MUV Blue, the first crumble product available in Florida. Image courtesy of Kristina Risola

Crumble is also a solid form of concentrate, formed with a different extraction process that yields an almost honeycomb-like substance. Crumble often has a strong smell that is very close to what the flower version of the strain smells like. Patients often prefer crumble to shatter because it is easier to work with when breaking it down for use, and also for having a “smoother” and more accurate cannabis taste specific to the strain.

Terp Sauce

Image result for muv gold
MUV’s “Gold”, the first terpene sauce product in Florida. image courtesy of Strain Slayer.

“Terp Sauce” or simply “Sauce” is a term given to a cannabis concentrate that is comprised of two parts: THCa crystals – which are often close to 100% pure THCa, and terpene sauce – a thick concentrate of the terpenes from a specific strain. The two are blended together to create a top shelf concentrate that is often regarding as higher quality (and higher priced) than concentrates like shatter or crumble. There are special devices called “straws” that are used to vaporize sauce; it can also be dabbed or used in a concentrate pen. Sauce is known for its intense flavor and effects.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Image result for RSO trulieve

RSO is a full-spectrum concentrate named for Rick Simpson, its creator, who supposedly used it to treat and overcome skin cancer on his body by topically applying RSO.

Where other concentrates remove plant matter and leave only the cannabinoids and terpenes, RSO leaves all of the plant intact, leading to the very dark color and thick consistency.

RSO is only intended for oral or topical use – it is not meant to be vaporized, smoked, or inhaled in any way.

Patients who consume RSO orally report that it has very strong effects, sometimes leading to near-psychedelic experiences.


Post image
Trulieve’s Rosin product. Image courtesy of Redditor “MEHdakATED”

Where other concentrates are formed with extraction methods that use solvents such as butane or CO2, rosin is formed through a proprietary solvent-less extraction method, leading to what some regard as one of the most pure concentrates. Rosin is similar to crumble in that it is a solid with a strong cannabis smell, but rosin has more of a peanut butter-like consistency. Due to the time and cost of the extraction process, rosin is typically a good bit more expensive than shatter and crumble.

Who’s got what?

Now that we’ve covered the different forms of concentrates that are available in Florida, where do we find them? At this time, several MMTCs have various forms available for purchase.

Trulieve: Distillate, Shatter, Crumble, RSO, Rosin

Surterra: Distillate

Curaleaf: Distillate, Shatter

Liberty Health Sciences: Distillate

VidaCann: Distillate

Fluent: Distillate

MUV: Distillate, Shatter, Crumble, Terp Sauce, RSO, Rosin

GrowHealthy: Distillate

Harvest: Distillate

RiSE: Distillate, Terp Sauce

Medmen: Distillate

Closing Thoughts

The cannabis in industry is miles ahead of where it was this time last year. We will continue to publish this list with updates as needed; inevitably, more MMTCs will open up and carry more forms of concentrates as time goes by. Stay tuned to this website and our various social media in order to stay informed of the latest products and concentrates to come onto the Florida cannabis market!

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 07.15.2019 Update – Industry Update, Flower Overview

It’s been exactly 2 months since our last industry update, and the Florida medical cannabis market continues to grow at a steady rate: both in the number of patients, and dispensary/product availability.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: July 15, 2019

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 243,065

Total Patients: 323,506

It’s been just over 3 months since SB 182 passed and allowed Florida dispensaries to sell smokable cannabis flower. Since our last update, the supply issues have slightly improved as many dispensaries expand their operations and most areas now have more choices for where patients can get their products.

Trulieve is still the main supplier of flower in the state by a long shot: they delivered nearly five times as many milligrams of medical marijuana as the nearest competitor as of the July 12 OMMU update.

However, Trulieve’s continuing to be plagued by customer service issues and long wait times have driven many patients to purchasing flower from other Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs), who have been building their own stock of smokable flower for the past few months. I believe that for the remainder of 2019, we will start to see the industry level out a bit – albeit very slowly. Trulieve has been the “giant” of the industry until now, and they will continue to provide the large majority of cannabis products in Florida; however, their relative dominance of the market will start to very slowly shrink as other MMTCs rise to the competition.

At this point, almost all Florida MMTCs offer some sort of flower product. The big challenge for most of them now will be to expand throughout the state, particularly to the Panhandle, which still does not have nearly the same amount of options and most of the rest of the state south of the Big Bend area.

Brief Overview of each MMTC’s Flower


Trulieve Lemon OG. Image courtesy of Redditor “SomeGuyMcUsername”

As the first MMTC to provide whole flower products, Trulieve has had the most time to refine their product. Their flower has been consistently good quality over the past few months, with only a couple of batches earning a few heated posts on Reddit; it is worth noting that Trulieve went out of their way to credit the patients that received the bad batches, showing their commitment to customer service even as they deal with a huge influx of new patients.

Trulieve also has pre-rolls available; I found these to be enjoyable, and they seem to get batches of them fairly often. Stock issues for both whole flower and pre-rolls are not quite as bad as they were a couple of month ago.


Post image
Curaleaf Afghani flower. Image courtesy of Redditor “Ciphtitled305”

As of the last update, Curaleaf was known for being the first MMTC to offer large quantities of whole flower: quarters, ounces, etc. However, after a few strange price increases and a few weeks where they seemed to completely run out of flower, patients have been coming to Reddit to share batches of their flower lately.

It seems that Curaleaf may finally be building a stock of loose flower and preroll, and all reviews we’ve seen on Reddit lately indicate that the flower quality is improving as well. Curaleaf offers many unique and “niche” type strains, making them a worthy option to keep around.


Post image
Hellcat flower from RiSE. Image courtesy of Redditor “Conflixshuns”

RiSE continues to hold their reputation for having arguably the best medical marijuana flower in Florida. Most all patients on social media continue to rave about their products, which are often near 30% THC for whole flower strains. RiSE continues to expand their locations and delivery services throughout the state; hopefully, we will see them somewhere in the western Panhandle soon!


Post image
GrowHealthy White 99 flower. Image courtesy of Reddit “myhomesoup”

GrowHealthy has been expanding their locations in South Florida over the past couple of months; however, flower stock has seemed to be very limited. There have been rumors that something went wrong with one of their crops, leading to possible stock shortages throughout the year. The current lack of posts about GrowHealthy flower might be an indicator that there is some truth to this.

From what we have seen, though, it appears GrowHealthy still holds a firm position as having some of the best quality cannabis flower in Florida. Their batches are often above 25% THC, making them a top choice for the lucky patients who are able to get their hands on some.


Duct Tape flower from VidaCann

VidaCann is one of the few MMTCs that has actually expanded into the western Panhandle, so I was able to get an eighth of their Duct Tape flower a few weeks ago.

I see now why so many patients rave about the quality of their flower: it was truly premium, and had one of the most interesting and enjoyable terpene profiles I’ve found in the Florida market to this date.

There were a few batches a month or two ago that were suspected to have mold, but VidaCann has not had any issues with their flower quality since then. Availability seems to be spotty at best; we figure this is due to their expansion throughout the state, and will improve over the next few months.

MUV (Altmed Florida)

MUV Velvet Glove flower. Image courtesy of Redditor “hopsandcrops”.

 After a few weeks of what seemed like zero flower availability throughout the state, posts of MUV’s premium-quality flower have been surfacing on various social media again over the past couple of weeks. MUV continues to be praised for consistent high-quality flower, and many patients would argue that they have the best flower in the state of Florida.

MUV is unique in that they also offer loose flower in 1 gram qualities in addition to eighths, making them a great choice for patients looking to sample a variety of strains.

Liberty Health Sciences

Liberty Health Sciences Super A5 flower with suspected mold. Image courtesy of Redditor “Psyched4This”

Liberty Health Sciences has quickly made itself known as the “budget”, low quality option for Florida patients.

With eighths at $28 and their “Papa’s Herb” product line that offers eighths of whole flower for $25, they do make a good choice for patients who need medication on a budget.

Reviews of Liberty’s flower have been mostly negative, with the best reviews saying that their flower “gets the job done” as far as medicating effects go. With recent reports of mold and lack of quality control in their flower, we will be staying away from their flower until they can prove that they are able to keep a consistently good-quality product available.

Fluent (Formerly Knox)

“Odra” (OG Kush) whole flower from Fluent

Formerly known as Knox Medical, Fluent rebranded themselves a couple of month ago and began offering whole flower and pre-rolls not long after.

As somewhat of a surprise to many patients who knew Knox for unremarkable products, Fluent has exploded into the industry with rave reviews of their whole flower batches.

I’ve actually been able to try two different strains of their whole flower, and can confirm that both batches were on an entire other level from the other flower products I have tried. Fluent confirmed that all of their flower is hand trimmed “so that even the most experienced connoisseur can appreciate the quality.”

We hope and expect to see Fluent continue to produce high quality flower, and expand their product availability over the next few months.

Surterra Wellness

Surterra Stardawg flower pre-roll

Surterra was the last “major” MMTC to arrive on the whole flower scene; it was only last week that they announced the release of their whole flower pre-rolls.

After trying each of their strains, I can confirm that the pre-rolls provide quality medicating effects. Though the first batches were lacking in the terpene department, I feel that we will see this improve over the next few months. Hopefully, Surterra will eventually consider their stance on loose flower and realize its value in the market – would love to see what they can offer there.


Post image
Florida’s Gift flower from Harvest. Image courtesy of Redditor “treelasagna”

Harvest has made a name for themselves since our last update, offering many unique strains of flower throughout the state of Florida – all for $35/eighth. One might assume this means their flower is of lower quality, but reports and reviews over the past few weeks indicate otherwise. Most batches have been near or flirting with the 20% THC mark, and most reviews indicate that these strains have nice terpene content and are well-cured.

With vertical integration and desire of profits causing most all other MMTCs to average around $50/eighth, Harvest and their lower-priced options are much needed in the Florida market. We hope to see them expand throughout the state over the course of the next couple of years, and help force other MMTCs to lower their prices because of the increased competition.

3 Boys Farm

Post image
Vanilla Berry Pie flower from 3 Boys Farm. Image courtesy of Redditor “splifstar88”

3 Boys Farm has a bit of a cult following on social media – known for their “#dognotdawg” campaign, a reference to the spelling of the Chemdog strain.

Initial reviews of their flower have been positive, and they are yet another MMTC to offer a unique selection of strains, some of which are even considered “exotic”.

3 Boys Farm is currently delivery-only in Florida, so a very limited number of patients have been able to try their flower. Interestingly, 3 Boys is the first Florida MMTC to offer flower before offering any other products. We look forward to seeing more from them, and eventually being able to try them for ourselves.


MedMen announced as recently as this week that they would offer pre-rolled flower at their sole location. We’ve seen a couple of text reviews on Reddit that indicate the quality is hit-or-miss, with some strains being good, and others not good at all.

We haven’t seen any images of the pre-rolls, but we will be looking out for them, and share them here soon.

Closing Thoughts

Since the passing of SB 182, the availability and selection of smokable cannabis flower in Florida has grown at a rapid rate. With talks of vertical integration possibly coming to an end in Florida, we could soon be looking at an entirely different market – so stay tuned to this site and our social media for daily updates on what’s happening in the industry.

For now, however, we are happy with the progress the state’s industry is making. Availability is going up, prices are slowly coming down, and access is becoming more widespread. We expect to see these trends continue throughout 2019, and will continue to keep you updated on the latest as it happens.

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