FLMCC: Florida Medical Cannabis “State of the Industry” & Consumer Report – 08.09.2020

It’s been almost 7 months, since our last industry overview, and frankly, we’re living in a totally different world since that update and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the reality of our world is certainly stressful and anxiety-laden at times, the fact is that the past 7 months have not been all bad for the cannabis industry; in fact, Florida’s cannabis industry has only continued to grow – proving itself to be a mutually beneficial industry for patients, MMTCs, and investors alike.

While my previous updates such as this one have focused almost entirely on the flower and product selection of each MMTC, that becomes increasingly time-consuming as each MMTC offers more and more products through time. With that being said, I will focus more on providing a “snapshot” of the MMTC and its operation at any given time. I’ll offer two sections for each MMTC: “strengths”, and “areas needing improvement”. Since my location in the western panhandle current doesn’t have access to all of the MMTCs, I will rely on social media consensus from patients (and my own observations) for the following operations:

  • RiSE
  • Harvest
  • Columbia Care
  • One Plant
  • The Botanist
  • Perkins Nursery, Inc.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: August 9, 2020

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 389,235

Numbers above provided as of the latest OMMU Update – 08.07.2020

As has been the case for pretty much the entire existence of the medical cannabis industry in Florida, Trulieve dominates the market; in fact, they have ramped up production and created an even bigger gap between them and the closest competitors as of the last update. All MMTCs now offer a flower product, and almost all of them have nearly constant availability of flower. Flower quality across the board continues to improve, and most of the major MMTCs now have multiple tiers and prices for different qualities of flower. To be frank, it’s truly a great time to be a cannabis patient in Florida, and it’s only going to get better this year.

Florida MMTCs: Brief Overview & Outlook

Top 3 Suppliers of Flower in Florida (by number of oz. sold as of the one week period before the last OMMU update):

  1. Trulieve – 20,161.865
  2. Surterra – 5,141.749
  3. Curaleaf Florida – 3,453.923


Trulieve: Black Tuna flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/Conflixshuns

Love them or hate them (it seems to be either/or for most people), Trulieve remains the “giant” of the Florida cannabis industry, easily producing almost four times the flower of their closest competitor as of the last OMMU update.

In my opinion, Trulieve’s recent flower quality hangs up there with the best in the state when they really get it right and nail down a good batch. Some examples have been the recent releases of their “Sunshine TruFlower” (in collaboration with Sunshine Cannabis), and the newer genetics that they have recently released.

With over 55 storefront locations now, Trulieve has pioneered patient accessibility to cannabis in Florida. Their expanded product selection also ensures that there is an option for everyone, and most of the time, they have at least something available in each product category.

Trulieve’s main issues, based on patient complaints posted on social media, seem to be website functionality, longer than average wait times, and issues with patients receiving the exact strain they ordered due to it being sold out after their online order was confirmed.

All said, I’m generally a fan of Trulieve. They get it right much more often than they get it wrong, in my opinion – and they are often the first to voice their support for various social causes: including LGBTQ+ civil rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, Breast Cancer awareness, etc. I know this doesn’t necessarily pertain to anyone’s experience with Trulieve, but as a human being, I see value in using a large voice for just causes.

Full disclosure: I am also a shareholder of Trulieve stock, and encourage other investors to check them out as well. I see them retaining their position as Florida’s industry leader through at least the end of 2021 – possibly longer if vertical integration and/or no Adult Use Cannabis remain in effect in Florida.

Strengths: Accessibility, product selection, affordable options, customer service, return policy, using their voice for positivity and progress

Improve: Better website (I’m a huge fan of I Heart Jane), more consistency with online orders (not selling product to someone else), continue to deal with large volume of patients (and their safety during COVID-19)


r/FLMedicalTrees - curaleaf afghani 16.8% thc
Curaleaf: Afghani flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/BritneysHigh

Curaleaf has remained as one of the top 3 flower producers in Florida for the past 7 months, and their quality seems to steadily improve. The main issue that most patients complain about, is that there seems to rarely be flower (or the any of products that they want) in stock.

However, Curaleaf continues to grow, and recently made headlines by being the first Florida MMTC to offer sublingual tablets, and bringing the popular “Select” brand of vape carts to Florida.

I’ve personally tried one eighth of Curaleaf’s Afghani, and the quality was close to Trulieve’s average from around the same time period. It will be interesting to try them again in the near future, and see how they have held up.

Full disclosure: I am a shareholder of Curaleaf stock, and encourage other investors to investigate them as well. Their presence in multiple states that allow medicinal and adult-use cannabis, coupled with sustained growth, seems to be a good formula for growth – especially as more legislation for cannabis legalization is passed.

Strengths: Increasing accessibility, improving quality, innovative products

Improve: Better & more consistent pricing, better consistency with keeping products in stock, continue to improve product quality relative to price


RiSE: Wonder Skunk flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/Dro0412

RiSE continues to offer some of the best quality of flower in Florida, and patients regularly rave about it on social media; this has been consistent for well over a year now.

The issue is that only a select few patients are able to get anything from RiSE; they have not opened any new locations since our January update – there are only 6 storefront locations as of the time of this update, almost all of them in South Florida.

Perhaps one day they will expand, but for now, it seems RiSE is focusing on maximizing potential with their current locations (and possibly expansion elsewhere, as they are a Multi-State Operator in the USA) before they invest in expansion throughout Florida.

Strengths: Consistently outstanding flower product quality

Improve: Expand access throughout Florida, expand product selection

MÜV (Altmed Florida)

r/FLMedicalTrees - Orangeade from Muv Longwood. """"12.8% THC"""" yea ok sure. I can't confirm the potency with my eyes but this stuff is absolutely sugar coated in Trichs
MÜV: Orangeade flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/GerthySausage

MÜV continues chugging along with its recently ramped-up flower production, retaining the #4 spot for flower production in Florida.

For me personally, MÜV has been somewhat “hit or miss” with the flower quality. It’s never been bad or terrible – it’s just their best batches are among the best in the state, but their others can be more average. If MÜV can nail down the consistency of their best batches, they will absolutely be mentioned up there with the best quality flower in Florida.

MÜV also leads Florida MMTCs with some of the most innovative products – like their cannabis inhaler, and some of the best selection of cannabis concentrates in Florida.

Strengths: Outstanding flower quality when they get it right, product selection & innovation

Improve: Be more consistent with flower quality


GrowHealthy: Key Largo flower – Image courtesy of FLMCC.

If you’ve read any of my recent GrowHealthy product reviews, it’s probably no secret that I’m a huge fan of their flower. In my opinion, the quality is unmatched – with the exception of some of Trulieve’s recent best batches – and they have been consistent since they opened up a location in my area back in April of this year.

Their parent company (iAnthus, of which I am also a shareholder) seems to be having quite a run of financial troubles in 2020. I’m not sure what this means for their future in Florida, but I hope they can get it together, because the quality of their product (particularly their flower) is truly something special. GrowHealthy could also do well to expand the variety of their concentrates, as they currently only offer distillate and RSO.

GrowHealthy has recently seemed to have trouble keeping products in stock due to a change in regulations for product testing. Hopefully, this will resolve itself soon.

Strengths: Outstanding flower quality, overall excellent product quality

Improve: More consistent with product stock, expand product variety (especially concentrates)


r/FLMedicalTrees - Ghost toast (Tier 1) // Vidacann
VicaCann: Ghost Toast flower – Image courtesy of Reddiut u/AntifekaPR

VidaCann gets the FLMCC award for “steady consistency” for this report. They’ve opened up 1 additional dispensary since our last update, but the quality of their products continues to remain steady in the midst of a growing and changing industry. When VidaCann is at its best, it has excellent flower, and its Tikun Olam line of products has some of the medicinal effects of all medical cannabis products in Florida.

VidaCann should work to improve its variety of concentrates, which it recently did by adding RSO to its product lineup – before, they only offered distillate.

Strengths: Consistently good flower quality, excellent medicinal effects of Tikun Olam product line

Improve: Larger product variety, particularly concentrates

Liberty Health Sciences

r/FLMedicalTrees - Mango sapphire popcorn 18% thc 3.922 terps from LHS $23/eighth
LHS: Mango Sapphire flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/MiamiDasher

The biggest complaint about LHS continues to be its low quality of flower relative to the rest of Florida’s industry; however, there are indications here and there that this could be changing. The image above came from a post that hailed a much-improved cure, overall quality, and smell of LHS’s flower. Whether this is an outlier (as unfortunately has been the case many times before), or a sign of a new standard going forward, remains to be seen.

Beyond that, LHS continues to expand access with their distillate and vape lines with various partnerships, and recently, their partnership with Papa’s Herb announced the future release of their live resin in Florida.

Strengths: Increasing product variety, possibly increasing product quality, affordability

Improve: Product quality


r/FLMedicalTrees - Fluent Blue Note (Blueberry) 21.342% 🔥
Fluent: “Blue Note” flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/budbro420

While Fluent had ramped up production and was a contender for one of the top 3 flower producers in Florida as of the time of our last update, it has been largely left behind by the industry now. While others have ramped up their production by a factor of 2, 3, or even more, Fluent only produced just over 1,000 ounces of flower last week, while MMTCs like Surterra, GrowHealthy, and Curaleaf managed to charge ahead with growth.

Fluent has alienated many patients with the price of its concentrates, and the use of its own naming system for strains rather than using established and familiar strain names. The quality of their flower seems to consistently fall in above average to sometimes good, but it has not managed to repeat the statements it made with the batches of flower it released in early summer 2019.

Strengths: Storefront accessibility, consistent genetics/effects with products and strains

Improve: Better product quality relative to pricing, more affordable products

Surterra Wellness

r/FLMedicalTrees - $45 GDP from Surterra Brandon. 19.9% thc 23.3% tac
Surterra: GDP flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/Irishbuffaloforyou

The Surterra of 2020 is certainly not the Surterra of 2018 or 2019 – this MMTC now regularly keeps flower and various concentrates like shatter and crumble in stock, and has fully embraced this change – a stark contrast from the previous stances of the company.

Surterra recently introduced a line of indoor grown flower ($45/eighth vs. their previous standard $30), and indications are that this stuff may actually hang in there with other producers in the state. I have not been impressed with any other flower I got from Surterra in late 2019 or early 2020, but I may have to try some of this new indoor line.

I fully welcome this new incarnation of Surterra Wellness that embraces cannabis in its natural flower form – and I’m sure their earnings reports do as well. With their flower production and storefront locations being second only to Trulieve, and a new focus on increased flower quality, Surterra might be a real contender for the “Number 2” position in the Florida MMTC rankings.

Strengths: Accessibility, products consistently in stock, affordability, improving product quality

Improve: Continue to improve product quality


Harvest “Gingerbread Man” flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/dfreeds

Harvest has managed to do a complete 180 since our last update. At the time, nobody was talking about them or their flower – and what little talk there was, was negative – mentioning bad flower quality with no smell or taste, and weak effects.

A few months ago, something changed. I don’t recall exactly what shifted in Harvest’s operation, but suddenly, they started producing flower that had patients talking on social media – and they were actually saying good things.

Like RiSE however, Harvest is not accessible to many, with only 6 storefront locations. Hopefully, they will continue to expand and improve their product quality.

Strengths: Improving product quality, particularly flower

Improve: Expand accessibility and product selection/variety

One Plant

One Plant: MAC 1 flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/NaturesGiven

One Plant is consistently mentioned among the ranks of the absolute best flower in Florida. Any time a batch of their staple MAC 1 flower is released, dozens of image flood social media, with influencers and patients alike pushing and raving about the product. There is no denying that these guys grow flower differently, and it appears that they and GrowHealthy might be the top 2 contenders for the best flower in Florida. (I haven’t been able to try One Plant as they do not deliver to my area, so unfortunately, I cannot offer my opinion here.)

Where One Plant continues to generate much controversy, and therefore shoot itself in the foot, is by making less than ethical statements on social media. I won’t go into too much detail here, but a quick search of One Plant in the Florida Medical Trees community (which I am one of the moderators for) will reveal just about anything you want to find. Be warned: the comments in many of the threads can take a toll on one’s mental health, so if you have depression and are easily triggered, tread with caution.

My personal view is that I would love to try One Plant’s flower, as it looks like it is seriously high quality. However, I will never support the ways they choose to message their patients & customers on social media, and some of the content of their marketing campaigns. I have pushed this issue a lot in the past, and will continue to voice my disapproval for any marketing/messaging that contains any sort of negativity, malice, or anything that doesn’t otherwise uplift or hinge on the quality of the product. Life in 2020 is challenging enough as it is; leave out all the negative fluff and focus on making more outstanding flower and expanding throughout the state. I am neither a fanboy or a “hater” – I am simply a reporter offering my perspective. I believe this MMTC could lead Florida’s industry if they would seriously focus on more positive messaging and interactions, and focus on expanding access and storefront locations.

I do commend One Plant on offering both ounce pricing for bulk purchases, and for offering grams, so patients can try more strains on a budget. These both should be industry standards.

Strengths: Excellent flower quality, loyalty rewards, bulk pricing, gram pricing

Improve: Work on social media messaging & advertising content


r/FLMedicalTrees - Lemon Skunk 22.6% from Medmen West Palm. I’m typically a Grow Healthy/Trulieve/Rise guy but decided to try something new today lol
MedMen “Lemon Skunk” flower. Image courtesy of Reddit u/ChunkyStew

MedMen seems to be in deep financial troubles, and it is uncertain how much longer they will remain in operation.

The quality of their flower was around average to good, but it seems nobody is posting their products anymore.

It appears MedMen may be the first Florida MMTC to die. RIP? We will see.

Columbia Care Florida

r/FLMedicalTrees - Pineapple Express 22.43% THC from Columbia Care. HUGE BUDS (ask them to shake for larger ones)
Columbia Care: “Pineapple Express” flower – Image courtesy of Reddit u/Conflixshuns

Columbia Care is another name that gets tossed around for having extremely outstanding flower quality. A recent mold incident has turned off some patients, but it is apparent that their flower quality is among the best in Florida.

Though Columbia Care has expanded its presence with 13 stores now open, it seems to be struggling with production (possibly due to the mold?), next to only The Botanist and MedMen with the least flower produced last week (just over 300 ounces sold.)

Columbia’s future seems to have potential after it recovers from the recent contamination incident. Most all Florida MMTCs have dealt with mold at least once at some point, so I wouldn’t hold it against them as a mark of a rocky future.

Strengths: Excellent flower quality

Improve: Ramp up production, expand access

The Botanist

The Botanist: “Orange Dream Machine” flower – Image Courtesy of Reddit u/knowwhatimtalmbout

One of the newest MMTCs in Florida, The Botanist hasn’t had much time to establish a presence yet. It seems they exclusively sell flower for now, but not a whole lot of it; in fact, they produced the least in Florida with only over 100 ounces sold at their single storefront location.

Reviews of the flower indicate that it looks nice, but it is some of the driest in the state, with many reports of it “crumbling in between patients’ fingers”.

We’ll give The Botanist more time to establish themselves before we offer any opinions on them.

Perkins Nursery

r/FLMedicalTrees - Follow up information concerning future Perkins Nursery products in Florida
Response regarding Perkins’ operations in Florida – Image courtesy of Reddit u/Ronald1s

Perkins Nursery is the newest MMTC to begin operation in Florida, and the latest OMMU report indicates they delivered half an ounce of flower last week. However, I could not find any images or reviews online. We will continue to monitor for the latest updates from this new MMTC; when we find anything substantial, you can be assured it will be shared here and/or on our social media.

Closing Thoughts

Cannabis has proved itself to me an American staple during the COVID-19, and Florida has been no exception for that. Despite dealing with a changing world and new procedures in response to it, Florida MMTCs have all mostly managed to expand both their presence/patient access, and their product quality in the 7 months since our last update. This makes me even more confident in my continual assertion that cannabis is here to stay in Florida; the industry will only continue to grow through 2020 and beyond, benefiting all who are vested in the cannabis industry. For MMTCs, investors, and especially the patients: the future of Florida medical cannabis has perhaps never looked brighter.

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Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 01.16.2020 – Industry Update, MMTC/Flower Overview

It’s been just over 2 months, and an entirely different decade since our last industry overview. The industry has again picked up some momentum in its development, and all Florida MMTCs now offer a flower product. At the time of our last overview – early November 2019 – flower had been somewhat scarce for some time, but was becoming more widely available again. Since then, flower is available in almost an abundance at this point; every MMTC usually has at least one strain available at almost any given time now. It may not be the exact strain you’re looking for, but it’s a much better scenario than Fall 2019 when there seemed to be weeks with almost zero flower availability, supplemented only by small “limited” releases.

As we begin 2020, all the potential Adult Use Cannabis amendments have discontinued their campaigns due to lack of signatures in time for the February deadline, so this topic will not be on the Florida 2020 ballot. However, Senator Jeff Brandes and Representative Carlos Guillermos Smith have introduced bipartisan companion bills in the Florida House and Senate to legalize adult use cannabis in Florida, and they even go a step further by breaking down the current vertical integration system (largely responsible for high prices and lack of wide availability) and expunging minor prior cannabis offenses for Florida residents.

While this is great news and a sign of progress, there is still doubt on whether either of these bills can pass in the Republican-dominated legislative branches of Florida’s government. And since this would not technically be “the people’s choice” since it’s in the form of bills, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Governor Ron Desantis – who has been known to be opposed to adult use cannabis – would veto the measure entirely.

Another item of contention for Florida legislators and patients is the resurfacing of talk to impose a cap of 10% THC on all cannabis flower in Florida. Republican Representative Ray Rodrigues has apparently been attempting to build support for his ongoing war against medical cannabis, and there are rumors that he has convinced much of the House to agree with him. Patients and the industry itself will certainly fight back (and win) against any measure introduced with the intention of limiting (read: harming) Floridian cannabis patients, but now is the time to contact your local representatives (particularly your Senators) and let them know how much you oppose a cap/limit of any cannabinoid in our medical cannabis products.

With that in mind for future action and organization, let’s shift our focus back to the current growth of the industry, and the even brighter future that lies ahead.

State of the Florida Cannabis Industry: January 16, 2020

Qualified Patients (Active ID Card): 302,891

Numbers above provided as of the latest OMMU Update – 01.10.2020

As has been the case for pretty much the entire existence of the medical cannabis industry in Florida, Trulieve dominates the market; in fact, they have ramped up production and created an even bigger gap between them and the closest competitors as of the last update. All MMTCs now offer a flower product, and almost all of them have nearly constant availability of flower. Flower quality across the board continues to improve, and most of the major MMTCs now have multiple tiers and prices for different qualities of flower. To be frank, it’s truly a great time to be a cannabis patient in Florida, and it’s only going to get better this year.

Brief Overview of each MMTC’s Flower

Top 3 Suppliers of Flower in Florida (by number of oz. sold as of the one week period before the last OMMU update):

  1. Trulieve – 9,099.311
  2. Liberty Health Sciences – 2,343.171
  3. Curaleaf Florida – 2,083.905


Skunk Ape flower from Trulieve. Image by Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Trulieve’s flower remains as some of the highest-reviewed flower across the board in Florida, and they continue to keep consistent high quality pumping out from their powerhouse operation. Many times recently, patients have uploaded daily product menus from their local dispensaries that show upwards of 16 different strains available in flower. This certainly shows growth from 2019, and begins to resemble a more developed legal cannabis market in Florida.

A slight controversy on social media as of late – particular the Florida Medical Trees subreddit – has been a slew of reports of underweight eighth ounces (standard: 3.5 grams) being sold at Trulieve. A few dozen patients have reported eighths weighing anywhere from over a full gram short (isolated incident), to the more common eighths weighing in the 3.1-3.3 gram range.

The way I see it is this: there are two possible extremes. One is that Trulieve is either intentionally or unintentionally selling a significant number of short eighths. The other extreme is that patients (or even competitors) are fabricating these reports for attention and/or free product.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Regardless, Trulieve has responded and stated that the issue is being addressed. Hopefully, the issue is resolved and becomes a distant memory, as the quality and selection of products at Trulieve continues to improve with time.

Concentrates: Trulieve currently offers cannabis concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, crumble, RSO, and rosin.


LA Woman flower from Curaleaf. Image courtesy of Reddit u/OutlierForLife

Curaleaf had just started to ramp up the quality of their flower as of the time of our last update, and that trend has continued over the past two months, with several posts each week from patients who are highly satisfied with their flower pickups. No major changes have occurred with Curaleaf’s flower pricing; strains range from $37 to $57 and are typically 20 +/- 5% THC.

Curaleaf has expanded their selection of concentrates since the last update, as reports of limited batches of crumble have surfaced since then.

The main complaint about Curaleaf is a consistent lack of stock at many locations; however, some patients have reported this week that their local dispensaries had have 10+ strains available. Perhaps Curaleaf is ramping up their grow operation in Florida?

Concentrates: Curaleaf currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, crumble, and wax.


Post image
Glitter Apples flower from RiSE. Image courtesy of Reddit u/imisstebow1523.

RiSE has opened up one additional location since our last update, for a total of 6 locations throughout the state.

Their flower is consistently highly rated and regarded as some of the best in Florida’s medical cannabis industry, though its availability is limited when compared to that of other MMTCs.

RiSE offers flower for $50/eighth, and their “smalls” (same as Trulieve’s minis – small, popcorn nugs) are $35/eighth.

Concentrates: RiSE currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
Silicon Valley OG flower from GrowHealthy. image courtesy of Reddit u/jetfire245.

GrowHealthy has expanded form 9 to 12 locations since the last update, and had already expanded from 6 locations at the time of the update before that – so they are definitely rapidly expanding their operation in Florida.

Reviews of GrowHealthy’s flower continue to be mostly all very positive. The MMTC recently started offering their “littles”, which are the same as other MMTCs’ “minis”, “smalls”, “popcorns”, etc: small buds from the lower parts of the plant that don’t get as much light. GrowHealthy’s “littles” are $35 per eighth and $99 per half, making for a very affordable high-quality flower option.

GrowHealthy also recently introduced periodic releases of their “Master Grower Series” flower priced at $60/eighth, and reviews have largely indicated that patients believe the quality matches the expensive price tag.

This recent shift in pricing scheme shows the effect of competition in the Florida cannabis industry that I’ve been talking about for nearly a year now. As more MMTCs expand and more locations open in the same areas, competition and production both increase – so prices come down. I believe this is another good sign of things to come throughout 2020.


King Dosi flower from VidaCann. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

VidaCann has remained steady with 13 locations since our last update, and their operation has remained steady as well. VidaCann locations across the state seem to regularly have flower almost any given day of the week during the past month, and rumor has it that their highly popular Tikun Olam partnered line of products will be releasing a flower product very soon.

Other than that, we expect to see VidaCann continue to steadily grow in its presence and product selection & availability throughout 2020.

Concentrates: Cresco/VidaCann currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate – available in both syringe and glass jar containers.

MÜV (Altmed Florida)

Post image
Guru flower from MUV. Image courtesy of Reddit u/meyerchandler972.

MÜV continues chugging along with its recently ramped-up flower production, retaining the #4 spot for flower production in Florida.

Some reports lately have indicated that MÜV‘s flower quality has not been quite as good as most patients are used to. Whether this is a “blip” or a longer trend remains to be seen, as these posts on social media are relatively new.

Regardless, MÜV has progressed their flower product into 3 different tiers based on various factors that affect the overall quality – size, terpene profile, potency, etc.

Tier 3 flower is $32/eighth and is MÜV‘s version of “smalls”. Tier 2 flower is $40/eighth, and Tier 1 – the highest quality MÜV offers – is $50/eighth.

Great news for Panhandle patients: MÜV has confirmed locations in both Tallahassee and Pensacola. The Tallahassee location is set to open within the next week or two, and the Pensacola location’s opening date is currently unknown.

Concentrates: MÜV offers concentrate in the forms of distillate, shatter, crumble, terp sauce, rosin, and RSO.

Liberty Health Sciences

Post image
Super A5 flower from LHS. Image courtesy of Reddit u/_briannacoffey

Liberty Health Sciences flower has continued to improve, and some patients have reported the their eighths are even beginning to have a more pungent smell – a far cry from the “LHS flower smells like hay” reports that were rampant for much of 2019. One thing is for sure: LHS has continued to ramp up their flower production, and remains the #2 producer of cannabis flower in the state of Florida.

Liberty also offers a second tier of their flower in their “Papa’s Herb” line, which is priced at $25/eighth. These batches are typically lower THC than the rest of their flower, but they are often very good quality in their own right.

Since our last update, LHS has started to offer a third tier of flower: their “popcorn” product, priced at $23/eighth.

Concentrates: Liberty Health Sciences currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate.


Post image
“Gemmador” flower from Fluent. Image courtesy of Reddit u/DedicatedMedicated71

Fluent has ramped up their flower production since our last update, and offers a new pricing structure for their flower, which is broken down into 5 tiers:

Fluent is still regarded to have very high quality flower relative to the rest of the Florida industry; with a new pricing structure and more production, we expect that Fluent’s flower sales and production both will only continue to increase throughout the rest of the year.

Fluent also introduced two new ice water extract concentrate products: their “Melt” priced at $90/gram, and rosin at $80/gram.

Concentrates: Fluent currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, melt, and rosin.

Surterra Wellness

Myakka Native flower from Surterra. Image courtesy of Florida Medical Cannabis Collective.

Surterra has had some pretty massive updates to their product selection since our last update. They introduced their “Float” line of products, which features whole flower (finally!), shatter, and a “soft wax” concentrate product.

Surterra’s flower is priced at $30/eighth across the board, making it some of the more affordable flower in Florida. However, quality has not been particularly impressive according to my own experience and other patients’ experiences on social media; I suppose at that price, you get what you pay for, right? I am thankful that Surterra is finally offering a whole flower product, and hope they continue to improve the quality as we move forward.

Concentrates: Surterra currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate, shatter, and soft wax.


Post image
Florida’s Gift flower from Harvest. Image courtesy of Reddit u/Icewind6

Harvest is another relatively affordable option for Florida medical cannabis patients, with all of their eighths priced at $35/eighth.

For some reason, Harvest’s flower seems to be the least talked about on social media, and what little talk I have seen has been negative.

We’ll continue to keep our eye on Harvest to see if they try to increase their presence in the Florida medical marijuana market.

Concentrates: Harvest only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

One Plant (Formerly 3 Boys Farm)

Post image
MAC1 flower from One Plant. Image courtesy of Reddit u/bigjocita.

One Plant has made a name for themselves in Florida’s medical cannabis industry since our last update. They’ve introduced new pricing tiers based on overall quality, shown in the chart below:

Post image

Reviews of strains in all tiers have been largely positive, and indications from social media are that the “Exosphere” tier really is extremely high quality bud, even with the ridiculous price tag. I haven’t had a chance to try One Plant’s flower yet, so I’ll let you all be the judge. Let us know about your thoughts/experiences with their flower in the comments section of this post!

Concentrates: One Plant currently offers distillate vape carts.


MedMen has expanded from 7 to 10 locations since our last update. However, they hardly ever have any flower available, and both the numbers on the OMMU report and the lack of social media posts show it. There are rumors that MedMen as a company may be near the end of its life; while that remains to be seen, they surely haven’t made much of an impact in Florida yet.

Concentrates: MedMen only offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts at this time.

Columbia Care Florida

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Tangie and Cream flower from Columbia Care. Image courtesy of Reddit u/bobbylight407

Columbia Care has made a surprising, extremely strong statement with their entrance into the Florida medical cannabis flower market. Up until the time of our last update, Columbia Care was the lone holdout of all MMTCs; it was the only one not currently offering a flower product. at the time.

That suddenly and unexpectedly changed in late Fall 2019, with Columbia Care’s announcement of their flower product, priced at $43/eighth. Reviews of this flower have been mostly overwhelmingly positive – it’s possible that Columbia is on its way to gaining a reputation as having some of the best medical cannabis flower in Florida. We’re certainly watching their growth and expansion with anticipation, and look forward to trying their flower, hopefully soon.

Concentrates: Columbia Care currently offers concentrates in the form of distillate vape carts.

Closing Thoughts

2020 looks to be another great year for medical (and possibly Adult Use) cannabis in Florida – perhaps an even better year than 2019. As all Florida MMTCs continue to grow their operations and refine their products, competition increases, and lower prices become more common; we’re seeing the beginning of this now. Multiple price tiers will continue to become more common in the industry; I predict that by the end of the year, almost all of the MMTCs will have multiple price tiers for their flower products, and will all continually have multiple strains available.

Depending on how the 2020 Legislative Session in Florida goes, a myriad of possible outcomes for our cannabis industry are possible. We optimistically believe that the outcome will be for all of our benefit; regardless of what happens, the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective will be here to inform you of all the latest developments in our cannabis industry.

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Impacts of Medical Marijuana on Florida Patients: Progressive Physicians – Opioid Addiction Reduction, Treatment for Epilepsy & Other Various Conditions


With so many Floridians who could potentially benefit from medical marijuana, it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of patients have already been approved for an MMJ card.  The entire industry has grown exponentially this past year. More than 2,200 physicians are certified with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) to recommend cannabis treatments to qualifying patients. In addition, new legislation allowing smokable flower took effect this year, giving patients more whole flower products to choose from. 

Everything sounds great, but not all the medical marijuana doctors that are certified through the state are actually helping patients get an MMJ card. In fact, only a fraction of the 2,200+ certified physicians are currently accepting new patients or assisting those who need medical marijuana renewals. 

However, there are some medical marijuana doctors in Florida who are making a significant impact in their community. With their own unique medical backgrounds and specializing in different fields of medicine, each physician has a common goal in mind: compassionate healthcare. We want to take the time to spotlight these doctors and detail exactly what they are doing to help patients treat illnesses using medical marijuana legally. 


A significant percentage of the population deals with pain, in some form or another, at some point. Many people have severe or debilitating pain that can negatively impact their quality of life, career, and family relationships. There have always been pain management treatments available to patients who qualify; however, these treatments typically use pain medications like opioids, which have been known to cause negative side-effects and addiction – and in far too many unfortunate cases, death.


Florida is often considered “ground zero” for the growing nationwide opioid epidemic because of its relaxed laws towards pain clinics and massive amounts of pain pill prescriptions being given out to sick and injured Floridians for almost any pain or condition one could imagine. In recent years, the laws have changed, and opioid medication is much more difficult to obtain. This change has created a void for those who were already addicted or otherwise dependent on their opioid medication, and some have turned to illegal drugs like heroin to avoid withdrawals.

These patients, along with others suffering from pain symptoms caused by illnesses and injuries, can often find relief with medical marijuana. 

We work closely with one progressive physician, who is dedicated to helping patients find relief and a better way of life: Dr. Joshua Henry, M.D. His practice – North Florida Sports and Spine Center – has become a well-known medical cannabis clinic in the Jacksonville, FL area. 

Dr. Henry maintains a large patient base because he is one of the most active medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville. Moreover, so many people are suffering from pain and need a safer alternative that works, and are tired of dealing with the negative impacts from opioids and other prescription medications.

Through his educational events (which he hosts himself), Henry personally showcases the benefits from treating pain using medical marijuana. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Henry and others like him, an increasing number of patients are transitioning from powerful pain medications to marijuana; this is making a positive impact on Florida by helping reduce the number of patients with opioid addiction.  


In 2018, one of the most discussed topics in the medical marijuana community was several scientific studies showing that marijuana – specifically cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), could help reduce (or even eliminate) seizures in epileptic patients. The studies showed that when these patients were given high doses of CBD and THC, their seizures were greatly reduced in both duration and frequency. 

Shortly after these findings were released, the FDA approved the first cannabis-derived medication (Epidolex) for severe epilepsy patients dealing with one of the worsts type of seizures: Dravet’s Syndrome. 

This groundbreaking approval sparked massive interest into what the effects of marijuana are on the part of the brain that controls seizures. 

Now, in Florida, forward-thinking neurologists like Dr. Rabih Kashouty M.D., along with his colleagues of educated and committed physicians, are making a huge impact in Florida. Premier Neurology and Wellness Center provides medical marijuana certifications to patients with all sorts of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s, seizures, and many others. They are currently accepting new patients who want to become certified, in addition to those patients who need an MMJ renewal. 


Simply put: medical marijuana has been shown to treat many conditions, illnesses and injuries. It can help patients control symptoms in a safer way than “traditional” pharmaceutical treatments. This is one of the reasons that marijuana legalization swept the nation in recent years, and continues to do so. 

With a pro-cannabis mindset, Dr. Adam Berry – “Your THC Doc” – is using medical marijuana within his practice to help qualifying patients treat issues like pain, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, depression disorders, and more. His practice provides marijuana health education to patients who think cannabis-based treatments could benefit them. Their compassionate healthcare approach is currently available to new and established patients in the Greenacres and Palm Beach County areas.


New legislation and court battles will continue to change the landscape of medical marijuana in Florida. But for now, patients that suffer from a host of conditions can find board-certified medical cannabis doctors who care about their well-being and are committed to treating their specific and unique conditions on a personal level. 

The number of physicians who are certified with the OMMU continues to grow each month. It’s up to each individual to choose the best medical marijuana doctor for their specific healthcare needs and goals.

Hopefully, patients that need compassionate healthcare will be able to find doctors like the ones we’ve highlighted here. As the medical marijuana industry grows, our commitment to inform patients about the best doctors in their respective fields will continue.  

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