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Flower (Loose)


GrowHealthy Flower: Blue Coffin

GrowHealthy Flower: 99 Problems

GrowHealthy Flower: Strawberry Haze

GrowHealthy Flower: Birds of Paradise

GrowHealthy Flower: Jilly Bean

Vidacann – Tikun Olam Flower: Alaska

VidaCann Flower: Strawberry Cough

Surterra Whole Flower: Myakka Native

Fluent Whole Flower: “Atlas” (Durban Poison)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Subra” (Sour Diesel)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Hydra” (Jack Herer)

Trulieve TruFlower: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Trulieve TruFlower: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruFlower: Green Crack

Trulieve TruFlower: White Buffalo

Trulieve TruFlower: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruFlower: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruFlower: Dutch Hawaiian

Trulieve TruFlower: Shipwreck

Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Crown Chakra

MÜV Flower: Clementine

MÜV Flower: Sour Jack


GrowHealthy “Master Grower Series” Flower: Rain Maker

GrowHealthy Flower: Durban Dawg

GrowHealthy Flower: White 99

GrowHealthy Flower: Grape Stomper

GrowHealthy Flower: Queso Perro

Liberty Health Sciences – “Papa’s Herb” Whole Flower: Bio Diesel

Fluent Whole Flower: “Baldor” (Blue Dream)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Odra” (OG Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Lyra” (Sweet Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Aria” (AK-47)

VidaCann Flower: Duct Tape

VidaCann Flower: I-95 x Lemon G13

VidaCann Flower: Mandarin Cookies

VidaCann Flower: GSC

Trulieve TruFlower: Bubble Gum

Trulieve TruFlower: Gorilla Grapes

Trulieve TruFlower: Stardawg

Trulieve TruFlower: Oregon Lemons

Trulieve TruFlower: Lemon OG

Trulieve TruFlower: Lemon Tree

Trulieve TruFlower: Member Berry

Trulieve TruFlower: Sherbert

Trulieve TruFlower: Space Bomb

Trulieve TruFlower: Paradise Waits

Trulieve TruFlower: Banana Kush

Trulieve TruFlower: GSC

MÜV Flower: Rainbow Trainwreck

MÜV Flower: Chemhünd

MÜV Flower: Strawberry Cough

MÜV Flower: Florida I95

Medmen Flower: M.O.A.B


GrowHealthy “Master Grower Series” Flower: Florida Keys

GrowHealthy Flower: Bubba Kush

GrowHealthy Flower: Emerald City Kush

GrowHealthy Flower: Silicon Valley OG

GrowHealthy Flower: Wookie Girl

GrowHealthy Flower: Key Largo

GrowHealthy Flower: Vaca Key

GrowHealthy Flower: Mandelo

GrowHealthy Flower: Brick House

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Flower: Eran Almog

VidaCann Flower: King Dosi

Liberty Health Sciences Whole Flower: Star Killer

Fluent Whole Flower: “Versa” (Critical Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Polaris” (Grandaddy Purple)

Trulieve TruFlower: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruFlower: Skywalker OG

Trulieve TruFlower: LA Confidential

Trulieve TruFlower: Puck Yeah

Trulieve TruFlower: Mandarin Dreams

Trulieve TruFlower: Northern Hash Plant

Trulieve TruFlower: Skunk Ape

Trulieve TruFlower: Crescendo

Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Myrcene Queen

Trulieve/Binske TruFlower: Blue Cheese

MÜV Flower: Mandarin Dreams

MÜV Flower: Triangle Kush

MÜV Flower: Guru

Curaleaf Flower: Afghani


Trulieve TruFlower: Harlequin GDP

Hemp/High CBD

Gaia Wellness: Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Flower (Prerolls)


Vidacann Flower: I95 x Lemon G13

Surterra “Florida’s Finest”: Original Glue

Surterra “Florida’s Finest”: Stardawg


Trulieve TruFlower: LA Confidential

Flower (Vaporizer Cups)


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Colombian Gold

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Dutch Hawaiian

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Green Crack


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Stardawg and Gorilla Grapes

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Sunset Sherbert

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Gilz Nilz

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Truberry OG

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Strawberry Switchblade

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Girl Scout Cookies

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Oregon Lemons

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Lemon Tree

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Poison Fruit


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Crescendo

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Zkittlez

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Northern Hash Plant

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Puck Yeah


Curaleaf “Sublingual Tablets”: Arctic Berry



Trulieve TruShatter: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Green Crack

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: Clementine

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Strawberry Haze

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Birds of Paradise

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Sour Tangie


Trulieve TruCRMBL: Lemon OG


Trulieve/Blue River THCa: Puck Yeah

Trulieve/Blue River Rosin: Skywalker

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Mandarin Dreams

Trulieve TruWax: LA Confidential

GrowHealthy Body Distillate: Bubba Kush


GrowHealthy Balance Distillate: Grape Stomper (1:1 CBD:THC Hybrid)

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: God’s Gift (1:1 CBD:THC)

Vape Carts and Pens


Curaleaf Distillate Vape Cart: Jack Herer

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Green Crack

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Super Silver Haze

Fluent “Black” Distillate Vape Cart: “Hydra” (Jack Herer)

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Alaska

VidaCann Distillate Vape Cart: Strawberry Cough

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Citral Glue

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Pootie Tang

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Zour Apples

MÜV Pure Vape Cart: Maui Wowie


GrowHealthy “Signature Blend Series” Vape: Sour Silly Bean

Curaleaf “Slim” Vape Pen: Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Curaleaf “Slim” Vape Pen: Strawberry Cotton Candy

Curaleaf x Select “Elite Live” Cart Review: Citradelic Sunset

Surterra Wellness – Coral Reefer Disposable Vape Pen: Surfin’ In A Hurricane

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Sunset Sherbert

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Paradise Waits

Trulieve Rosin Vape Cart: Paradise Waits

VidaCann Distillate Vape Cart: Mandarin Cookies


VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Eran Almog


Surterra Wellness Disposable Vape Pen: Revive AM

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Midnight


Trulieve Delta-8 Trupod: Purple Punch (1:1 Ratio – Delta 8:CBD)

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